"Canadian Weather+++++Snow"

Appt. was at 4 PM so I was able to get a bunch of service calls / openings in today. Gotta say York Region is doing a solid job, in and out in half an hour
Ya, I had two friends that also got theirs done in York Region, they said it was really well organized and went really quick for both of them.
Now you just have to wait for four months to get the second one, don’t change anything, you definitely don’t want to get this especially the new variant until then.
Not a good day for this guys first cut of the season...hope he's okay.
2 concessions over from.me this morning...

Wow, hoping it’s not too serious but it’s never good when the air ambulance is called. Certainly not the position you want to be in against an SUV.
I remembered almost getting hit 30 years ago cutting a boulevard, you never know, it just takes a split second.
Can’t believe the guy actually took off and left the guy on the side of the road, hope he gets caught and gets some good jail time.
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