Can this Ford Be a Lemon????

Hello everyone.
I am considering on buying a 1979 Ford F100. 2WD
A little rust.
Runs good an automatic.
Exhaust leaks under manifold. 302 engine? It is a V8 (gas)
When I pressed down on the brake, it felt kind a hard to push down on. My nieghbor told me that could be loss of vacuum in the brake line. Please help me here.

PS he asks for $1,000.00



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Could be lots of things...does it have power brakes??
Sounds a little high for a 2 wheel drive but beats the price of a new truck. If it is what your looking for try to negotiate a better price, who knows maybe you'll own it.

Good luck,
Mark K


I Knew Dino was going to chime in sooner or later:D :D

You just keep driving those Cheby's Dino;) LOL



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You mean Dodge Dino not Ford. JK LOL.

I am impressed with the new Chevy though. A fellow contractor stopped on Monday at a lot I was working. He had a brand new Duramax Chevy with a 8ft Fisher. Let me finish the lot with it. Now there was only 3-4" but I was impressed. It had good power and was quiet. Problem was plowing with an 8ft after working all night with a 9ft. My only real concern may seem petty but I did not like the seats. I found them a little too bolstered for me. Maybe I would get used to them.



Look out a Ford is coming!

Just jokin with ya brother:D



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I expect that when I start slamming fords in the ford forum.
Although with Bills rust thread in the Dodge forum, I now see that fords and dodges are junk. Glad I own a bow tie.

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Originally posted by plowking35
Although with Bills rust thread in the Dodge forum, I now see that fords and dodges are junk

I would blame myself more than the truck, for being lax with undercarriage washing esp during the winter months.

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You're not plowing, so...

why not have the guys paint the underbodies. That's what we have been doing. And when were done with that, we'll polish the blades, and then steam clean the blocks, polish the ceiling fans, clean out the heating ducts in the building.... You get the idea. Sorry, just venting and kidding. I'm waiting for some snow too or at least a good warm streak. Its just that I have a half a dozen or so sidekicks waiting with me. Another couple of warm days and we'll be able to finish some landscaping jobs we started before Christmas, so really nothing to complain about.

But I'm a Ford guy, so I couldn't help checking this post. How about $500.00, take it or leave it for that truck. This way you can get used to paying for stuff 500 bucks at a time, which is probably how it will go for a while with an older truck, if you're lucky.
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