can plow with this truck


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i have 20001 dodge diesel ext cab 8 ft bed with easyt dump+-+-
can i put a plow on this truck ?
and if the dealer install it will and should warttt it?
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You can plow with anything.

A manufacturers warranty is for defects. Whether the mfr recommends a plow for a specific vehicle or not, if you break something pushing snow Im pretty sure an a$$hole dealer could deny a warranty claim on the grounds it wasnt defective but "abuse".

The vast majority of dealers are not going to shy away from warranty coverage, since they recieve a higher parts markup and they get the bill paid in full with little trouble.

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Like Bil said,you can plow with it,no the factory does not recommend it,and does not offer a plopw prep for it.The best bet is a lighter plow,like a 9ft western,or a Sno way.The V plows are real heavy,and with that engine you already have a lot of weight up front.You will probably be overweight or real close,on the front axle WR.

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