can i use this truck?!?!!


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NW indiana
hello i was looking at a truck yesterday a ford ranger that already has a plow on it its the ford ranger super cab xlt off road package and tow package what do you think about it its a 2000 with only 38 k mi for $14,900 so i duno if i should get it or not its a good deal i think but i duno if i can plow with it if i can its not worth it to me


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Most here will tell you that, although some use smaller pickups, a 3/4 ton is your best "entry level" plow vehicle.

An experienced plowman may be able to use an s-10 or ranger, but the average joe will beat that setup senseless IMO. Of course, I am speaking STRICTLY from a commercial plowers standpoint. That truck would be great for driveways, but I'd spend $14K on a 3/4 ton (1/2 ton minimum) if it were my money.

You will never have "too much truck" pushing snow. You can bank on that! Also, I see you are from NWest Indiana. If you are in a lake effect market, I DEFINITELY would advise against anything less than a 1/2 ton to start with.:nono:

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Second SnoJob67's opinion. For that kind of money, you should be able to get a good used 3/4 or 1 ton 4x4 with a plow. Last year I got a real nice '96 diesel 3500 with a 9' Fisher plow for $16,000. I figure it'll outlast me.

If you can afford $14,000 and expect to keep plowing - go for quality and endurance.

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We use S-10/GMC Sonomas to plow since we do a fair bit of residential plowing and the driveways are narrow leading to garages behind the houses. Can't tell you about the Ranger, but if it has a plow set up on it, the I imagine you could plow with it.

$14,000 is hunk of cheese and the money could be spent elsewhere on a larger truck. But if you're starting off and you'll be doing driveways, then that size truck is nice since you can fit into a lot of tight areas and turn around if needed. If the drives you'll plow face the street and are two or three cars wide, you'd be better off with a larger truck with a minimum 7.5' blade so you can back drag more each swipe you make.

Determine what kind of accounts you'll have and make the decision from there. If you're thinking about commercial, I wouldn't bother with the little truck unless it was a dedicated walk plow.