Can I do limited amounts of plowing w/compact 4wd truck

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Light truck=light frame

I looked at a S-15 today, a 94 with a 6.5' Fisher on it and a flatbed where there used to be a V-box (sealed bid municipal truck) the frame where the spring shackles mount is rotted away and the rails are twisted. This truck is good for parts only. Not much steel back there to act as a buffer for the harsh facts of snow removal.

I did not bid. There also was a 85 F-250 with a rotted frame, didnt bid on that either.


The frames on the old toyotas are tow pieces fo steel tube welded together to form as one(like two 2x4s hammered together to form a square). They are very strong. Better than the c type chassis seen on some of the big three trucks. Not downing US trucks just saying that some little trucks are better than others in the chassis area.

Mini's and plowing

I bought a trashed '85 Isuzu Trooper with a 2 Meter (@6.5') Meyers that was dealer installed. The little 1.9 liter didn't have much power but in low it could climb rocks.
With the E-47 unit i could move the truck sideways with the power angle when the plow was against a pile. The '85 finally dissolved in the salt solution of N.Y. roads and I adapted the plowframe to our '88 Trooper which after @ 8 years of plowing and 145K still has the original clutch.
I use a K20/Fisher for real snow but for light stuff, around parked/stuck vehicles and around residences, it as nimble as a shovel and a lot more comfortable than the K20.
I cranked up the torsion bars a little and use tall tires for extra clearance but it is very capable with the light Meyers even driving at road speed.
I broke the plows' A frame, and the pivot bolt is the weakest part but the Trooper frames held up even when rusted through.


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using small truck or suv!

89 jeep sahara plow hospital parking lots dential offices and 14 residential all with no problem . Have plowed up to 11 inches of snow with no problem. I don't think you will have problems if you don't bang into things real hard. But what I have heard is that if you bang into things with anything you will break it. So far in two years of plowing the plow has broke but not the jeep. For residentials the jeep is better then a truck but for the large parking lots because of my 6.5 western blade it takes alittle more time.Jeep was beefed up a little this year with extra springs and cooler for transmission. But so far no problems pushing snow and lots of it!!!!!!!!!!!!


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My friend that I plow with has a Toyota Tacoma EX. Cab V6 Auto that is an animal in the snow. It has a 7' Western plow on it and he also bought a Sweep EX for it also which works great too.


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plows on toyota tacoma

I had a Western Plow put on a 00 Toyota Tacoma ext-cab, works great ! I went through all the gyrations, warranty voids, axle weight distrubution on and on and on. Proof is in the
snow. I get great traction and it does a good job. No problems yet.

snow patrol

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I ran a 82' Jeep Commanchee (compact PU) with a 6.5' Western for a couple of years. Used it mostly to do walks at commercial sites and some smaller lots. It was a major rust bucket but did a great job. Just purchased a Tacoma X-cab with a 7' Western. I added Timberens on the front end for pease of mind. It handles the weight great and I expect it will be a fun (and productive) truck for pushing snow. Also I read thru all the paper work that came with the truck and no where did I see "add plow=void warranty". Just an observation.



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According to my local Toyota dealer the Tacoma is ok for plowing within the weight ranges. Most manufacturers make plows for it. The Tundra is also but no one makes a plow for it. Although Meyer still has a drawing of a Tundra with a plow on their website. I made a Fisher mount for a Tundra that we put the lightweight 7'6" LD Blade and Headgear on. Essentially the Frame is the same as the Tacoma only spaced wider. We made it work using a Tacoma mount kit and some fabbing of or own. Seems to work fine. Dealer did not say anything at the last service.

i have used the s-10 blazers in the past and found them to be very nimble and maneuverable, the only time they did not work was in heavy wet snow 4" and above my experience is that they just did not have enough weight to push effeciently, 4.3 would scream all day long

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No,, you can do unlimited plowing with a small truck

I guess this picture says it all about plowing with a small truck. The pull plow is new this year but this truck, and one like it, dealt with the equvalent of over 100 residentials during a 26" storm last March. Our K2500 lunched the transmission on the first stop of the storm so the two S trucks did it all. They both logged close to 40 hours the first two days with intermittent service for two days more.

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CT, on the Tundra plowsize, you can put a ST 6'8" or 7'6" on there but it is the smaller ST moldboard. This is due to the light front axle rating, Tacoma on some models can go with the ST or MT plow but not Tundra. Eventhough the moldboard is short, if a guy wants a plow that offers down pressure, then the ST on the Tundra would be the way to go unless you can have someone beef up the front axle, so far we do not know of any packages that do so.


I used to have an 88 1/2 Suzuki Samurai, with a 6.5 blade on it. This machine was out of this world, we did sidewalks, lots, you name it.... Had the small 1.8 in it and also was light, but I had no problems up to 10 inch.... even the heavy stuff. I miss it.


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I started my business 6 years ago with my 87 Toyota 4cyl, I use a Meyer 6.5 E47 set up. I had to stregnthen the plow A-frame and the sub frame because I do SERIOUS plowing with this truck, I do several commercial lots and it was leased to the city for plowing roads too small for their trucks I am trying an upgrade this year to a 7.5 plow, this is STILL the busiest and most reliable truck in the fleet and have no doubts you will not have problems for driveways and the back and forth of parking lots use low range it really saves the clutch .... and the truck for that matter