Can I do limited amounts of plowing w/compact 4wd truck

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Joseph Meidling, Jan 11, 2001.

  1. Joseph Meidling

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    I would like to do some limited plowing and would like to know if this can be done with a compact 4wd truck. I didn't buy a truck yet and am looking at Ford Rangers, Chevy S-10, Toyota SR-5 and Dodge Dakota. What I mean by limited plowing is 1-3 driveways. I live in Northwest NJ. Any recommendations, either car or plow choice, are welcome

  2. Alan

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    Older style S-10 with a Sno-Way plow works fine. Don't have to think in terms of limited use either. We run a pair of S-10s with 8', Series 25 Sno-Ways on them. For light use I'd run a Series 24, I think they are available in 7'4 and are a bit lighter than the Series 25 models. Get the 4.3L v-6 and automatic.
  3. pcs

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    I see alot of Rangers around here with snoway plows. If your only using it for light use get the 24 series with the lexan.
  4. mdb landscaping

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    over the years weve had two or three s-10s that we put fischers on. they worked just fine. we did more than three driveways too, so i dont expect youd have a problem. i wouldnt reccomend the plow on the dakota or the toyota.
  5. NEAL

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    There has been a lot of positive feedback on this forum about using s-10 pickups and blazers. Most people like the Sno-Way on these trucks. As a matter of fact I think I will be putting one on my s-10 blazer next year. And yes you want the 4.3 engine.

  6. Aspen Snow

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    We have a 99 Nissan Frontier with the 3.0 V6. Snoway recommends the 1880 or 1890 model but I would like to but on a 2480 or 2490. What is you opinion on this. The dealer said that he would not install the 2480 or 2490, I would have to do it myself. Have you had good luck with Snoway? They are the only company that makes a plow for the Frontier, that I know of.
  7. Alan

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    I can't remember what the difference is between the 18 and 24 series. Downpressure, I think and height of moldboard maybe. I don't have a brochure handy to compare weights, but I'd think that a 2480 would work fine. It seems to me that you've got some real chickenpoop dealers down in NJ, John DiMartino had a dealer pull similar crap on him. The nosepiece and mounting frame are the same, so either would work once you had the hardware on the truck. I've had good enough results with Sno-Way, other than the quality of their welding. It pays to examine them closely at least once a year and expect to find some welds going bad if you use them heavy. I've had one of their Vice Presidents by the ear a couple times about the welding problems. Don't know if any of it ever got back to Quality Control but it was fun to spout off in front of a crowd.

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  8. NEAL

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    The 18 series plow is only 18 inches tall and no down pressure is available. The weight listed in the brochure says 376# for the 1872 and 381# for the 1880. This includes the lights and mount kit. The 24 series plow is 24 inches tall and downpressure is available. The weight is listed at 512# for the 2480 and 558# for the 2490. Again this weight includes the light kit and mount. I don't know enough about that vehicle to recomend putting the bigger plow on it.

    I also ran into a bummer dealer here. I went in there saturday to get a price on a series 24 for my S-10 blazer. The friendly (not really) guy just blurted out 3 grand for the plow and 500 bucks for mounting it no lights included!
    So it looks like I will be going to where Slim Jim Z71 got his to get a price.

  9. SCL

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    Bryden Ford in Durand Il. is advertising Boss and Western Plows installed for $2850. Might want to give them a try.
  10. OP
    Joseph Meidling

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    Thanks for the info. Since I will be using this truck as my primary transportation, to and from work, I would like to purchase a new vehicle. I will look into the S-10 pickup trucks. From what I have read, I should look for the 4.3L V-6. Is there any other specifics I should consider? I also found the home page for SnoWay, does anyone have any info on the SnoWay as far as price for a series 24 Lexon plow? Thanks again!
  11. capital

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    New s-10 not for plowing

    If you are looking at s-10's be aware that you void the warrenty if you put a plow on them. The older ones were allowed to have plows but the new ones don't have the front axle weight limits like the old ones did.
  12. 4 Saisons

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    Last week i went to my toyota dealers for my car maintenance. During the time they wreck on my car, I talked with a salesman and he told me, that toyota accept snowplowing with their new Tundra (ex T-100).he wasn't knowing wich plow to use & he need to call toyota for more info (how much weight the front end can handle).

    but the price of a tundra is almost the same than a ford super duty, without all the toughness.

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  13. CT18fireman

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    The Tacomas can plow also. My dealer told me he would warranty a Tacoma for plowing. I know Fisher makes a plow for them so I would bet that Meyer and Western would also
  14. wch&g

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    I have been plowing with toyotas for years and have had great luck. The older ones ( 86 - 94 ) seen to hold the plow a little better but the tacoma is just fine. I like to plow in low range unless I'm in a bigger lot were I need to back up a long way. If your plowing driveway the toyota may not push alot at onetime but its great in small places.No limit to amount of work I plow around 60 driveways and 2 lots with 2 toyotas. They work well!
  15. Big Nate's Plowing

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    I plow with a 90 dakota 4x4 with a 7'6" snoway 25 series and i like that setup, it handles 6" of snow easy,it is my daily driver and firewood truck also. I give it a thumbs up
    because it is yet to let me down.

    (ok,... once)
  16. bam

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    I have a 95 dakota club cab 4x4 with a v8. It's a very strong truck. I have a meyer 6.5 with an E 47 pump. I use it for commercial parking decks, lots, and loading dock areas, where our company F450's can't fit. I've had no problems with it, although I did have to crank up the torsion bars to reduce sag.

    My co-worker has a new tacoma ext. cab and he sold me the plow, because the new tacoma will not accept a meyer plow.

    I am noticing alot of newer trucks are not allowing plows on them, because of the axles and weight.

    I also noticed that Fisher sells plows for just about any vehicle out there.
  17. plowking35

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    Not true on the fisher. They really dont make a plow plow for anything smaller than the Dakota. No S series, so rangers, no Nissans, no Mazda's. the Tacoma may be the only small truck with a plow allowed.
  18. CT18fireman

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    Fisher makes a 6'9" Minute Mount and most dealers can build the mounting frame. Fisher lists the Tacoma in their catalog. I have seen a Meyer on a 2000 Tacoma unsure of 2001. I don't understand this as there is a definite market for these smaller truck both residential and light commercial.
  19. John DiMartino

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    You can plow with new S10's,the Son-way 6'8" is light enough to be within weight limits.If you hng an 8 fter on it lik Alan does,well then im sure its overweight.i have a 6.5 fisher minute mount on my 95 new style Blazer,and it does sag a tad more than my 84 S10 truck did,it still ahs plenty of travel.As for warranty,with 137K on it,think i care about a warranty?
  20. Samurai WeedWacker

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    Automatic trans

    Don't think any of the above posts mentioned desireability of an automatic transmission. When you are doing a lot of shifting an auto trans will save time.
    I wouldn't take a dealer's word that he will warranty a vehicle used for plowing. Get it in writing!
    I knew a guy who used his small Toyota 4x4 for plowing. Didn't take long for the trans to go bad.