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Can an LSX plow be mounted on a 3/4 Dodge?

Discussion in 'Western Plows Discussion' started by GMSNOW, Jan 11, 2008.


    GMSNOW Member
    Messages: 68

    My first year in the business I had a 1/2 ton 2001 Dodge PU so I bought a new LSX (light wt.) plow for that truck. My business grew so fast by the following year I had to purchse a 2004 3/4 Dodge PU and a new Pro Plow.

    I am thinking of keeping the 2004 Dodge soley as a back up and buying a new 3/4 Dodge.

    Does anyone know can the LSX be mounted onto a 3/4 ton truck?

    And would the 1/2 ton mount fit onto a 3/4 truck truck?

    Is Western still making the uni mount systems?

  2. fordmstng66

    fordmstng66 Senior Member
    Messages: 527

    the only question i can answer for you is that Western does not make anyhting for the Uni mount anymore. You have to buy the Ultra mount chassis, and a conversion to work with the uni mount. If you go to Westerns site you can go into a publications section, and find the answer to the other question.