Cable vs Electric- What's it about?


through the forum, catalogs, etc, I have seen things about cable operated plows. can someone please explain what they are, how they work, etc?


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In a cable operated plow, the power units angling, and raise/lower controls are connected to the joystick via a cable. The newer units have done away with the cables, and instead use electric solenoids.

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Had an OLD cable controlled MEYER lift. NON-power angle. The cable controlled the valve which lowered the plow. Push lever in and it closed valve and it touched a little black button which sent 12V to the BIG motor and pump. It was loud and really put a strain on the old battery and 35 amp alternator! It looked like todays E-60's. Anyone ever plow with this NON-power angle setup?

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had one on a mid-60s Jeep J-20. Up and down, controlled by a rod thru the firewall which activated the valve on the pump. To angle, you got out, pulled the pin, manually pivoted the plow, then re-insert the pin.

Theyve come a long way baby.


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Yeah, I remember my dad use to tell me "one to the left or right" and I'd have to jump out pull the pin and move it. I miss those days! lol



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My old mans jeep cherokee had one of those.
very noisy . but in them days there was alot of snow
you had to realy work then. i was the co-pilot
i was a power angle plow pump. not ne more.
now i have my plowing biz and he loves power angle.
those pumps are antiqe i don't think u can even get parts
for them.
just imagine that people would say if u brought that
to the dealer for maintence..
they would probly laugh at u.

well gota go now see ya,

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They still have parts. At least someone probably does as I had mine rebuilt in 1989, a year before I sold it. It started life as a dealer installed option on a '59 Jeep Station wagon. Meyer plow was used twice and was taken off by owner and stored in a barn. My father then bought it from him in 1969. From what I remember, they lived right next door to Paul Newman, yes THE Paul Newman when he lived in Collegeville, PA! My Dad used to pump gas in his sons Porche, his son later died. Anyway, my Dad also pumped gas into this Jeep for this rich guy and he always told him, "if you ever want to sell this Jeep, let me know.." Well the rest is history, and the plow later ended up getting enlarged to a 90" and retrofitted onto a '75 Suburban (mine now) and later retrofitted onto my old '76 Chevy and later sold with that truck. I still have a gasket and O-ring set for it somewhere!

Sorry to go on so long...

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