cable operated western

paul soccodato

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westchester ny
i did a search and came up with some good info, but i need to know the proper way of adjusting the cables and the valve on the back of the unit. problem is sometimes the plow goes up fine, and sometimes it goes up real slow. but as its going up slow, i can put it back down, and it goes up fine the next time up. i rebuilt the unit 2 years ago and its been great.this problem just started this year. i would also like to slow down the drop speed. any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Cable Adjustment


You need to adjust your lift cable. Where it enters the pump, there is a small allen head set screw that secures it. Loosen the allen screw, and adjust the how far the cable end fits into the pump. When you find a level that gives you a nice gentle drop, and good lift, then tighten down the allen screw.