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Cab Control Location

John DiMartino

PlowSite.com Veteran
I put all mine on the left,i can shift/raise at the same time.I ususlly do not need to steer as im raising the plow,at a complete stop,and if im lowering it on the go-or chaging direction of blade while moving,my right hand goes to the wheel while i make the change.I plowed with them on the right,and i just think im more productive and less abusive on the trans on the left.


Senior Member
My 87 Silverado has a 94 Meyers plow w/ 2-switch controls. I mounted them under the steering wheel so that my left arm rests on my leg & controls are right there at the end of my fingertips, in a natural position (more or less).
My other Chevy truck ('79) with the older style Boss V-plow has 3-switch box mouted on upper left corner of dash, where the temp & oil gauges are, but it only covers the clock gauge (which is empty anyways).
This way I can lay my arm/elbow on the windowsill like having your arm out the window in the summer, only with the windows up, & it's still as comfortable with the window up.
I have them set up that way cuz I drive with my right hand/arm, being used to having my left arm out the window during mowing season. Creatures of habit, we are.
That's what works best for me.

Snow Pro

Senior Member
I guess it depends if you're left or right handed. Consider the fatigue factor. Put it wherever it's easiest to access.