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C30 Disc Brakes

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by willysbill, Apr 13, 2003.

  1. willysbill

    willysbill Junior Member
    Messages: 13

    Hi Guys
    I have just finished reading another C20 to C10 Disc Brake Conversion 8 stud to 5 stud,(Custom Classic Trucks Oct 2002) over here trying to find a C30 or C20 I would have to travel about 200 miles, I kid you not.
    Anyway are C30 and C20 Stubs the same. My reason for asking is that I would like to adapt C30 Disc Brakes to the CF Bedford (Australian GM) Drum Brake Front End.
    Could anyone measure a C30 Disc Brake Stub for me, I need to know what the distance between the two Ball Joints is from top to bottom and what the distance from the centre of the Top Ball joint to the wheel mounting face on the Disc.
    What do you guys do with all the 8 Stud Disc rotors, don't tell me you throw them away when I would love a set.
    I have attached a pic of the Bedford Front End so you can see what i would like to do.
    Any help or information would be appreciated.


  2. rottie

    rottie Junior Member
    Messages: 12

    Projects don't you love em. Check out your local Bedford dealer and see if they can down load the front end specs. from the dealer only repair manuals or see if barnes and noble.com , hemming motor news.com can locate these books for you. Then or just go to jump street and call a Calf. base junk yard (if you don't have any american version trucks in down under) and get what you need. I use to have one, but nobody wanted it. I junked it. I replaced mine with a 4 wheel drive front end. I converted my C-30 to a K-30. Works good. I plowed the last 3 years with it with no problems. Good luck:)
  3. willysbill

    willysbill Junior Member
    Messages: 13

    Hi Rottie
    Thanks for the input, I have found a set of C30 Disc Brake assemblies which I am going to try and adapt, failing that I might just fot the whole C30 Front End.

    Catch you later