c-30 to k-30 conversion


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I'm back AKA ROTTIE I changed my e-mail address and found the site wouldn't reconized me,thus I just change my name.probaly more appropiate.
I've finished my project,this part so far. A few minor glitches like not centering the steering box and freeking out for no aparent reason. I went with new 4 leaf front spring and 10 leaf rear springs w/ helpers. Found the truck sitting high in the front by a mile. I put in some 2" blocks to raise the back, but I should have used 3" blocks instead. The engine cradle and front support went in nicely a long with the brake line redesign. New front rotors and calipers made stoping so much better than be for.Best of all the truck goes down the road straight to my amazement. Next I have to change out my front hubs there full time now. I'm going to use a pair of superwinches. Drivetrain was swapped out from a subarban 1986 350/700r/208 previous to this 2 years ago this went basically easy too. This should be able to plow and haul a sander. Probaly won't snow this year.


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The reason your front end sits high is on a gm 4x4 the rear spring hangars (part that is rivited to the frame and your springs bolt to) are longer. they mount the spring further away from the frame...I would switch to these hangars before putting blocks in, as your truck will be more stable, and you won't have to worry about wheelhop issues sometimes caused by putting blocks between springs and axle....just my 2 cents...ED


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I'm not worried about wheel hop for smoken up the rear tires on a dually probly look cool, parts cost to much. Spinning tires in the snow I beleive won't cause wheel hop since there is no traction. Plus with 4 wheeldrive thats been limited to not. Though your right with the spring hangers are different the frame is slightly narrower in the back of a 2 wheeldrive frame. A mounting mod. would be needed and framehanger. The bank was broke and the parts truck was hammered in the rear. so I oppted for the $20 blocks since I had to buy new u bolts for the new 10 leaf springs I installed I just made them long enough to handle the blocks.
So Thanks for the two cents, 200,000 more could have finished the project.Maybe not, this is a never ending story
stay tuned.:cool: