Bypass oil filter

Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by Stud Bro, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. Stud Bro

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    Hey wondering if any of you guys are running bypass oil filters im looking at the fs2500 also anyone running amsoil in there trucks. Is it worth the extra price. let me know
  2. Milwaukee

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    I just watch video of that link you post.

    Look worth but to me I thought it just crap like try sell to you but i am surprise it clean oil fast.

    Is this for diesel engine? Can I use on gas engine?

    I know diesel make oil dirty fast due soot from diesel.

    If this is diesel but if it is gas engine then you can put atf to clean engine really good then change oil you would see tons of black plus crub out engine.
  3. TEX

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    what are you going to use it on?

    I run an Amsoil bypass kit which filters down to 2 microns and cost about 1/2 the $$$ as the FS2500.

    there are many by-pass kits on the market and im sure they work fine. any extra filtration is better than none right. some use TP (crapper papper) for the filter but you have to change them more offten and add in more oil. others use spin on filters like a reg oil filter they just filter finer.

    if its on a diesel the oil will be black period, thats the soot loading and on the newer common rail diesels with the extra injection cycle it puts more soot in. The oil will look black but will be much cleaner, as oil analysis will tell you. I run amsoil in my truck and love it. if you dont care aobut extended drains and still change your oil every 3000 miles then you may want to use a reg oil not a synthetic.