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Seymour IN
Well in this area of southern Indiana the market has become full of used trucks and plows, we have had mild winters for the last 3-4 years and I do belive people are leaving the buisness. I would like to purchase a used truck and plow but just wanted to here the pros and cons of this..

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Hi eggy.

I hope you didn't get that thing I e-mailed you about.
I did used equipt. this year and all went well. You just want to have everything checked out at a good shop by a reputable mechanic first so you don't possibly miss something.


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Used can be OK...

Bruce is right - make sure you get everything checked out thoroughly first. Make sure you do it well in advance of the snow season too, so there's time to repair anything that needs attention.

It helps if you know a bit about the history of the equipment you are buying, eg how many years has the truck been carrying a plow?

With regard to the plow itself, check it over top to bottom for any cracking or bent components, as well as the obvious things like pitted cylinder rams and tired hydraulic hoses. Take a look at the mount on the truck too. I have seen some real "horror story" installations come into my workplace to be repaired - stay away from these! If there is a reputable dealer in your area, it would also be a good idea to have the powerpack checked out to make sure it's putting out plenty of hydraulic pressure.

Take your time and check out potential purchases thoroughly and you should be fine. Good luck in your search!


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As of yet I haven't bought much new. I've had good luck. It's like the other guys said just realy look into what you're buying. In an older truck late 70's-mid 80's look for something that has already been engine/trans etc. I see a lot of truks aroud here fresh rebuild on the drivetrain decent plow and they're going for around $2000. The older trucks are much easier to fix. The one thing I like about working on the truck is that you realy get to know it, you know what to expexct where the weak link may be, what's new what isn't. Don't get me wrong you do not want a truck that is constantly broken!!

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