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Hey guys I have a wierd question. This will be my first year snowplowing and I am looking for a brand new Western 7.5 Uni Mount for my 1997 F150. I got some quotes that the plow will be like 3200 installed! I only have 1000 dollars. Do places have payment plans or what? I was just wondering if all you guys buy your plows cash or charge them etc. any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated!!

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In this area, there are two primary ways of buying a plow. 1) pay cash or borrow money through the bank with a personal loan. 2) Buy a truck (new or used) with a plow on it. If you're have a business pushing snow, you could of course use your equipment as collateral.

I don't know if any of the plow companies have lending departments.
K DOG....You can check around for a used plow. Last
year was lousy for plowing. Maybe you can find a
used rig for your truck. I paid 2800 installed last
year for a 7 1/2 western ultra mount with hand
held remote. Shop around some on prices.
Remember there is a difference between the uni
and ultra mount westerns. Ultra is the newest and
easiest to mount and I guess they cost a bit more !
Even check out e bay and shop shop shop esp.
if you only have 1k to spend and its your 1st year.
My last western lasted 10 hard NY winters....geo


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winterset iowa
Whatever you buy , it will probably jinx us again like I did last year:( .
I bought a good used Western last year and we didn't get to use it too much, I think i jinxed all of us. I paid $1200 to a seller on Ebay but that included my gas and expenses to go and get it.
Well whatever you get, lets hope you can use it this year.
Good luck with your choices
Mark K

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