buying 95 f250


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Looking at a 95 f250XL the asking price is 6k
It has a 351 5.8 123k miles 8 foot fisher plow
and they told me the rear main seal has to be fixed
Is this a fair price and how hard is it to do the main seal
or how much does it cost to have it done
I currently have a 92 f150 with a plow
that i use to pull my 12 foot trailer and equipment
and do some plowing with. I feel I need something a
little bigger.
Thanks for any input

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Originally posted by thelawnguy
The rear main seal leaks because the main bearings are worn.

Nuff said.
Last I knew the rear main seal was not connected to the main bearings, so please expand on how you connect a seal leak to bearing failure. The crank might be worn at the seal area or the seal may just be shot but I really doubt it indicates bearing problems.

I've got a bad rear seal in my S-10, do I need to do bearings while I'm at it?


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Plow Truck Upgrade

Hey Skier
Im in Ma. Every few years we upgrade the plow trucks. Two years ago I bought a 95 F-350 8ft MM. The nice thing about the F-350's is the straight front axle(very heavy duty). If your still looking for trucks, and you come across one of these, check it out. Mine has the 460 engine(gas pig)has a tough ride, but when it comes time to work the truck is a animal.
Im upgrading this winter (new F350) and throwing a plow on our dump, along with V-box. If your interested in checking out a good used pickup drop me a e-mail for more info.

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I second the vote for the F 250 HD (8600 GVW) vs the F 350. Make sure your 95 is the F 250 HD, i think they made a lighter duty F 250 up to 94 or 95.

I can sit here and tell you that the solid front axel is a better set up then the F 250 HDs front end. That and the truck has a higher payload, and will be a tougher plow truck. However I can pull out my maintmance records and I can tell you my F 350 pick ups require less maintmance then my F 250 HDs. Are the F 250s still good trucks? You bet, Only if you can find an F 350, go for it.


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Originally posted by Alan

Last I knew the rear main seal was not connected to the main bearings, so please expand on how you connect a seal leak to bearing failure I've got a bad rear seal in my S-10, do I need to do bearings while I'm at it?
Im not too familiar on the GM products only that every S-10 Ive ever seen leaked oil from the rear seal, but on the Fords when the bearings wear they allow the crank to move around and open up the seal, is about as simple an explanation I can remember when I used to buy at the auction for the dealers.

Therefore leaking oil from a 302/351/400 generally means that the bearings may have excessive wear esp when the clock is over 100k.

Buyer beware.

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Skier,on the oil leak,with 123K on the clock,you might be in need of a full rebuild soon if the maintance was less than perfect.Also those 351's that plow always rot the oil pan right out,causing an oil leak,Ive replaces a few oil pans from this.I think the price is fair,but with 123K on it,this is clearly a mechanics truck,and i feel you shouldnt buy it if you cant do 95% of the work yourself.This truck wll end up costing you more than a new one over 5 years if you gotta pay $55-65 an hour to get it repaired.It would make a nice backup truck,and second truck,but i wouldnt plow with it as my only truck,and im a fairly good mechanic.I just cant have breakdowns during storms.


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I used to live in Scituate. I cn't recall how far Weymouth was. We lived right on the beach (house was on stilts). Real nice up in that area.

Go for the F350. Diesel if you an find one. I have seen tons of TTB repairs on F250. I have even put F350 front axles into them.


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Thanks for info

I appriciate all your input on this truck.
I would really like something like this but I do not
think this would work out in my favor.
Like John said it would be a good back up.
But this would be my primary truck. I can do some light
repairs but nothing like a main seal job.
OH well . I quess I will keep looking.
Thanks again for all your help


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I have a 95 F250 SD and I love it. It pulls or hauls anything I give it and it doesnt' complain . It's got the 351 W in it. Get s decent MPG but has awsome power. I haul an 18 ' enclosed trailer for maint that's in the 6500lb area loaded. I also haul my skid steer with it and that s' about 8K lbs. It's been really reliable , but I also maintain it religiously , oil changes , tune ups filters etc. before the required intervals... Even sythetic oil and still change under 5K miles. It's all I have so I do what I can to keep it up. It has been expensive as far as repars go.. This year alone I had to put in ball joints, rear gas tank, master cylinder and brake booster. Every year it's something.. But that s' gonna be with anything you get that you use !!! Good luck and dont' be afraid of a F250... But if you come accross a good F350 then go for it.. But watch the 460 engines .. They suck gas like there is no tomorrow..