buyers stainless steel v-box question


Annapolis MD
I have a f350 crew cab and I just got my hands on a real nice used buyers v-box spreader(stainless). It has the extended shute on it for use on a flat bed or stake body.

My question is, how far off the ground should (can)the spinner be? Im worried that it will be to low to the ground.

It has not been below 70 in Maryland yet, so I have not even put the thing in the truck. once its in , its staying in for the winter.


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The shute will be real low to the ground, and any and many obstacles will come into contact with it.
I would suggest that you swap to the regular pick up shute. I would want the spinner at least 18-24" off the road surface, and even at that height , mine gets jammed into snow banks all the time.
Plus with the shute so low, it will greatly affect your spread pattern. very little bounce and scatter effect, thus you will have to take logner to spread the lot evenly.

John DiMartino Veteran
I would get the higher chute,I like the chute up high,it is so easy to bend them up even when they are higher mounted.I seen a spreader with an extened chute in a pickup,it was set up on 3 4x6 wooden blocks in the bed ,so the chute was high enough off the ground,it really stuck up out od the bed though.

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