Buyer Spreader Wiring ?

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A friend just picked up a used Buyer Spreader. The controller has the black wire(ground) a blue one and 2 reddish wires (all cut off close to the box). The blue one would go to a fused accessory right? I know at least one of the reds has to go to the battery & one to the spreader. Does it matter which is which? One seems to be more of an orange if that helps. Thanks.


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Just dug mine out of the box;
1)The recessed terminal in back of control box needs a wire hooked up to it & other end goes to 12v accessory (+) with ignition shutoff. This must be installed for unit to run.
2)The black ground goes to a chassis ground (-).
3)The orange wire goes to spreader motor (+).
4)The red wire goes to truck battery (+).
There you have it! Only from Lawnsite.


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Make shure you hook the orange wire to the pos and not the reversed way. you will burn up the transistor in the speed control. It says it in bold in the instructions.

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