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I had to laugh. I looked over the RCPW snowplow parts catalog I received in the mail today. It says on the cover, "Servicing The Snow Plow Parts Market For Over 2 Centuries." For those of you who might overlook the obvious, we didn't have cars (let alone plow trucks) until the early 1900's. Decades, centuries--it's all the same.

I remember them fouling up an order we had placed. There was no way possible that we could have ordered what we received. The lady was snotty and agreed to fix their mistake. I should have been the one with an attitude, I got the wrong order and had to wait all the while. Needless to say their attention to detail is lacking. I just thought I'd pass on my experiences and maybe get a laugh or two.


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They did move snow prior to motor vehicles.

~course it wasn't until the invention of the Boss plow that snow removal entered the 20th Century....;)

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