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We started Sunday Night, when weather forcasters said snow totals could run up to 12", with at least 4". Sunday Night the loaders, and tractors were out in full force, we were getting ready while our competitors were laughing.

Monday AM

Snow Totals 8-12" our competitors were going nuts trying to move piles of snow, and get trucks ready.

We were resting, plows went on Sunday afternoon.

Monday 5:30 PM, 3" on the ground crews are out in full force.

All we heard on the radio, is we are building mountains with snow.


This is going to really suck, we got to haul and move this crap latter.

Midnight 12" on the ground, and snowing hard.

10 AM tuesday snow stops, total snow 2 Feet.

Plowed till commercial lots till 8' PM.

Residential guys plowed till midnight to get all the residentials done.

1 AM Tuesday commercial crews out in full force again.

Sent road trucks out to wing back snow bankings with plow wings.

8 AM Today, everyone goes home to sleep, till 8 PM.

Tonight loaders and tractors will be out loading snow.

6 Big Trucks will be hauling snow tonight. Removed the V-Box from the F 650 with our exevator.

Thursday more snow hauling.

Thursday Night

Snow, Sleet, Freezing Rain all over again.

Friday Sleet and freezing rain ending.

Saturday Hauling snow

Saturday Night Hauling snow.

I guess we are ready to rock


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