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Bulk salt supplier in WNY

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by snowjoker, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. snowjoker

    snowjoker Senior Member
    Messages: 283

    Hey WNY plowers. Is there a place where I can get bulk salt? I want to offer salting this year but think it would be more cost effective for me to buy bulk instead of bagged. I havent bought a spreader yet but will be soon. I think i will only need a couple tons as I dont have a whole lot of accounts yet. Thanks in advance.
  2. SnowProGRES

    SnowProGRES Member
    Messages: 34


    I buy my salt from Pariso Trucking on River Rd in Tondawanda. Its $36/ton delievered (to me) but youve got to buy a tandem or triaxle dump truck's worth. I dont know how much salt you need but alot of trucking companies will have it around. or you could go straight to the horses mouth and get it from american rock salt bulk or by the palletized bag.

    If you decide bulk is to much for you then you can get the bags from Happy Ice across from the airport on Sonwil Dr. off Genessee/rte 33 (if you do this make sure to visit b/c im plowing the Sonwil distribution center's 12.5 acres of parking and loading docks).