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BULK SALT Michigan & Chicago

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by michigan salt, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. michigan salt

    michigan salt Member
    Messages: 89

    If you need pricing on salt, give us a call 888-340-7258. We have salt in Chicago and in Michigan. Competitive prices. Great reputation.

    We also have Extreme Melt walkway deicer. Its the best product around. Flows nicely through the spreaders. Works to 5 degrees.

    Andy L.
    Michigan Salt Products, LLC
  2. gottaluvplows

    gottaluvplows Senior Member
    Messages: 152

    Alot of us get ours from Angelos or Suburban landscape.......I thought u guys were in lake orion??
  3. michigan salt

    michigan salt Member
    Messages: 89

    Our office is in Orion. We do direct ship loads of 50 ton in Michigan. 25 ton in chicago. Min order. We do not have a retail location.