Bulk salt anyone???

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by jfjcontracting, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. jfjcontracting

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    I am wondering if anyone has any extra salt or knows of any supplier in any states close to Michigan, I am willing to drive anywhere to get it. Please Contact me if anyone has any leads on bulk salt. I am in great need of it at this point.

    Thanks Jim
  2. Drottlawn

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    Cincinnati has it! I just had a delivery yesterday of 24 ton. I know they will not ship out of state, but you could probably pick up yourself.xysport
  3. Superior L & L

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    Beauchamps in Brighton at m-59 and us-23 has it. $140 a ton or they can do deliverys of 24 tons out of Ohio
  4. AngusPlow

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    I dont understand why anyone would pay $140 for salt. If were gettin $135-$160 a ton to spread it, there is no way in hell im gonna spend $140. Especially for the all inclusive contracts. Most people would rather be carefull for a couple weeks than pay double. This thing is gonna blow over and we will get salt soon enough. If all these suppliers werent rushing to Ohio to get it, no one would have it and then no one could salt, and for any of you guys spreadin the ice melt for under $30 a bag, your crazy and your hurtin all of us.
  5. JD Dave

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    It hasn't got to that price around here but I would rather spread $140 salt and break even or lose a little bit of money, then have some one slip and fall and sue me. JMO
  6. AngusPlow

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    well, thats why we have liability insurance and LLC's
  7. JD Dave

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    I'm kind of new to the snow buisness, what happens to your insurance when somebody slips and falls?
  8. AngusPlow

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    im not trying to be confrontational, but if we all put up with this and start paying an arm and a leg for salt, it will never go back to where it was, it will be just like gasoline
  9. AngusPlow

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    if someone slips and falls, your insurance will fight for you, most of the time settle out of court and no one loses sleep, worst case, you lose that insurance company or their rates will go up, ive been through a few and still going strong
  10. AngusPlow

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    besides, if you spend $140 on salt, your losing not breakin even, dont forget about your time and gas. Were not in this to break even, were in this to support our families and live, we cant lose money at it, sorry if im going off on a rant, im just pissed at the whole situation
  11. JD Dave

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    I'm pretty familiar with how insurance works, as I've had a couple slip and falls. With the amount of snow I do the extra $'s for salt is a no brainer. it keeps my customers happy and keeps my insurance rates low. It doesn't really cost very much to spread salt, when you are already set up to do it. JMO
  12. OP

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    I am still in need of some salt. If anyone has any extra salt they could spare, any amount would help me greatly.

    Thanks Jim Johnson
  13. nevrnf

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    No one wants to pay $$$ for salt right now but if that is what it cost's to keep up your end of the contract you have with your client then you have to do what you have to do. You could try raising your price to your client and call it a Salt Surcharge like some do when fuel prices jumped. Or you can just not salt your contracts and wait for them to sue you for Breech of Contract as you have not held up your end of the deal. I am sure your client has an idea of the salt shortage as here in Chicago it has been on the news as most of the muni. have run out. I would try and negotiate with the client.
  14. clark lawn

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    we have it in youngstown,ohio about 2.5-3 hours from detriot.my supplier had about 35-40 in stock friday and had two more tri axles coming in on monday.$82.50/ton
  15. Metro Lawn

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    First off, I have been in business long enough not to do all inclusive contracts. Secondly, the government putting holds on local salt supplies is an "act beyond our control". Our contract gives us the right to raise prices during situations like this. What this means is, the $150 per ton applied price from several weeks back is now $250 per ton applied. I will pay that price for salt all day long to keep my jobs done as they should be.
  16. Mark Oomkes

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    Because there is no other choice if you want to service your accounts and stay true to your word and do what you said you would do.

    Fine, you won't spend it, others will and there's a good chance they'll be servicing your accounts next year.

    This 'thing' will blow over by next season. You seem to have a difficult time grasping the concept that there is NO salt available. States are shutting off the cities that buy it from the states or counties. City of Holland buys it from Ottawa County. Ottawa just told Holland to stuff it, politely. The salt supply has been used up, except for what the muni's have and what is being shipped in from other states. There is no salt to be released as time goes on as in previous years, like it or not.

    Only hurting the ones who aren't willing to go the extra mile for their customers and willing to uphold their end of the deal.

    LMAO, you're a funny guy.