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  1. finnegan

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    Happy to report that our local weather stations are predicting colder than normal conditions and above average snowfall,thats 91 inches at the airport..but we have a little problem (lake Erie) that's right lake effect snow,for those of you that don't know what it's like,Imagine driving through your town and you have 4 inches in your driveway but at the end of your street you have 2ft.+ It makes your commute to work a nightmare, sunny at your house--blizzard conditions at work(boy I hate when I start rambleing on about how much snow we get around here!!!!) anybody else get snow????
  2. John Allin

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    We get a little.... a little more than Buffalo.

    Buffalo has better PR than Erie does.
  3. plowking35

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    As moderator you will have to cease the chat about "lake effect snow". The rest of us, not so luccky to have a large snow making machine in our area, are jealous. I may have to close this thread if any more of this type of talk is mentioned.Perhaps your own forum is in order.
  4. John Allin

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    Absolute power corupts absolutely......
  5. Matt

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    You seem to forget that those storms they call "Noreasters", while they may not happen as regularly, still deliver snow more in your area than ours on average. You also have the customers that want to be able to see there pavement before, during and after the snow falls while in Erie, Buffalo and Jamestown they don't care about that until April. It must be the snow we had 2 weeks ago that has the forcasters saying those things. Ask me in April and then I'll say what winter was like.

  6. diggerman

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    Hey they're building a retention pond across the street from my house think it will snow more here this year?A little retention pond effect snow. Sadly if it does it will all most likely be in my drive,very little money to be made in my drive.I'm so cheep I don't even pay myself,but I guess that because I want to be like all the rest of my customers.
  7. BRL

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    I'm so cheap, I don't even waste the gas money to plow my own driveway, let alone pay myself! It melts, I can't believe all of these other suckers actually pay me to move it for them. :)
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    Lake Effect snow is great!

    1.) Regular snows, especially early in the winter.

    2.) Always light & fluffy.

    But it IS a PITA to forecast.