Buffalo price gouging settlement

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Just thought I'd give you all an update on the "Buffalo price gouging" topic. Makes you wanna laugh.

Quoted right after the storm while cleanup was underway:

"New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer said he will prosecute any snow removal contractors who use this emergency to gouge customers, "We're getting many complaints, particularly relating to those who have entered contracts and are now increasing their prices. It shocks the conscience. There's a law that was written to prohibit this, and we will fine you up to $10,000 once we find out about this."

Article in a business paper, from a couple days ago:

"AG settles complaints against four Buffalo snowplowing companies
New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's office has announced settlements against four Buffalo-area snowplowing contractors for overcharging or failing to provide services.

The complaints were lodged following the city's record snowfall in late December when nearly seven feet of snow piled up.
Settlements were reached with the following contractors:
Acres Remodeling Inc., Lackawanna
DD2 Home Improvement,
Lancaster Brian's Landscaping and Snowplowing Inc., Buffalo
Jim Burkett's Lawn Care Service, West Seneca

The contractors have agreed to reimburse customers up to $100 and those customers who failed to receive service are entitled rebate of 20 percent from their current contract.

The AG's office said it received more than 100 complaints following the five-day storm."


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What's the population of Buffalo, 40,000 or more? And if we incude the whole Buffalo area? I don't know the area so I won't even guess. The Attorney General received only 100 complaints from all these people. What a JOKE!

Sounds to me someone's making political hay!


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Once agian grass its polotics as usual.The AT is just looking for someone to put his hooks into and plowing contractors got it.Tomorow it will be something else.Now its going to be even harder charging for additional services(loader,dump)even if you have it clearly stated in your contract.This year in this storm I had my uncle come by with a skidsteer and try and remove some of the snow,most customers were happy to get rid of it,but theres always one that doesnt want to pay but wants it to be taken away.The AG in this great state of new york hurt honest contractors,customers,and the community.He only did this for polotical gains,and Im getting sick of it.

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Buffalo, Niagra region population in 1999 was 1,142,121 according to the census.

It's amuzing how with the "many complaints" he recieved he only setteled with 4 companies? and no where near the $10,000 fine he said he was going to impose. Why only $100 fines when he stated thay were being chaged hundreds of dollars? Why only 20% off thier current contracts when he said the contractors never showed up at all?
Heck, if the contractor never showed up the customers sould get all thier money back. and if thay payed more then the contract stated thay could be charged the customers sould revieve hundreds back.

Just another attempt at politics tring to up thier image durring a disaster, by being all talk. Then when the dust settles everyone relizes thay made fools of themselves.


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I did the math using your numbers, only .008% of the general population complained to the A/T about their snowplow service. Considering what happened up there I'd be pleased if my customer base had the same response!


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If I sound somewhat cynical, it's 'cause I am................

........................but just like with many things, what the AG and all his flunkies are really concerned with here isn't the consumer, but votes - V O T E S - votes, and if they can score a few by making a big fuss and singling out a few names they'll do it.

If I ran a business the way our goverment runs Canada, I'd be shut down in short order....................... :rolleyes:


I guess back then there was just too much snow for Elliot Spitzer to get to his hookers so he had some extra time on his hands.

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