Buffalo NY 2 storms in 3 days = 39 inches of snow

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by JCurtis, Nov 21, 2000.

  1. JCurtis

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    Why couldn't that be Connecticut?

    14 inches S, 25 inches on Monday and more expected by Wednesday or Thursday.

    My Truck is ready, Anyone wanna go to Buffalo?
  2. plowking35

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    Remeber Jeff, its isnt a storm, just lake effect, and we all know lake effect doesnt count. If they got the snow from a real storm, they thgey would have a wopper. FYI, like JOhn A says Erie gets just as much snow just not as much press, they have 36" on the ground since last Fri, and they havent had to close the city.
  3. finnegan

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    the only reason they closed the city was because people were leaving teir cars in the road after they got stuck,lake effect does count and if you really want to come to buffalo come on down see what its really like,heavy wet plowbustin-truck bustin crap.last night my crew had to cut and run to get out of the city before it was too late,complete gridlock downtown looks like a parking lot,I saw a county plow drop his blade on somebodys lawn and run like hell to get out,really bad would liken it to blizzard conditions,thunder snowstorm

    gotta get back out.......
  4. iowastorm

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    You guys get sick of all that snow, just send some of it back our way.

    Actually Dino, they're receiving convective snow, which contains thunder and lightning. Therefore, if the temperatures were 20 degrees warmer, they would be receiving thunderstorms due to moisture from the lake and atmospheric lift. Just because it is lake effect snow has nothing to do with whether it is a 'storm' or not.
  5. John Allin

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    I agree with 'storm'.
    Lake Effect is a storm.
    And we got more coming (as does Buffalo).
    Supposed to stop by Thanksgiving.
    No turkey. Just sleep.
    Only nice thing about this type of snow, is that the rest of the season seems easy.
  6. thelawnguy

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  7. SLC1

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    Not me, I would rather take all 3"-5" storms all winter, there easier on the equipment, don't take as long to plow and are usually just as profitable if not more profitable than big storms, the only good thing about the big storms is we charge to stack and remove snow that is about it. Just My two cents
  8. iowastorm

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    I assume since you guys have so much snow that you have to do alot of hauling. How do you handle it and where do you dump it all????
  9. plowking35

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    The only reason it doesnt count is that I am not getting any of it. I also agree give me 3-5" all season long, you can keep the 2 footers.
  10. slplow

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    All I can say is I wish "lake effect snow" would come to Mass. I could use a good 24" that would bring in some good coin. Hats off to you lake effect guys!
  11. AB Lawn Care

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    Well buffalo is not the only place getting pounded!!!Up here in south westren ontario,we got 1 foot today(wet)and should have at least 1 more foot by morning!:-(Oh well at least I have my equipment going!!!!!
  12. plowking35

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    Well there are many factors involved in lake effect snow. The biggest being relatively warm large bodies of water, and cold air moving over them. The temp extemes causes moisture to form, and when the air is lifted over the land mass, from lake level, it condenses and releases the moisture as snow. This time of year, the lakes are very warm coming out of the summer season,and the temp extreme is even greater, so more dynamics involved, thus the thunder snow and lightning. While all this is somewhat related to low pressure impulses this time around, there isnt one central low pressure sytem responsable.
    However I will agree that they are storms, much like thunder storms during the summer are still storms.
    But I guess the end result is what matters and in this case its alot of snow. Better you than me.
  13. SlimJim Z71

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    Snow is snow.

    At lest someone is making money...
  14. iowastorm

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    . . . just wanted to point out Dino's inaccurate observation before everyone jumped on his prayer wagon.
  15. jrblawncare

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    AH......Lake Effect,I remember that but it's only a dream for Me now!!!Sure lake effect is a storm,but a very localized one depending on wind direction.Just D@*& cold here at 3:30 am...17 out and going lower....But dry as a bone.You guys up north enjoy....push a pile for me.JOHN
  16. John Allin

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    We don't haul too much snow as there are usually enough spaces to stack it up.

    We've gotten another 12" between 6 AM and Noon today, although it's supposed to shift inland this afternoon - which (at this point) would be nice as we'd like to have it all cleaned up by tomorrow so we can enjoy Thanksgiving.

    This much snow is not fun, it's work. And it's hard on the equipment.

    Keep smiling.
  17. Matt

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    You guys that want to try out your equipment could probably buy some more if you wanted to come to wny, cny(syracuse-watertown)or nwpa and play in the lake effect. This certainly isn't the type of snow that you want to train knew drivers with, but would work well for that 2nd SIMA training video. Not that Erie or Buffalo are the only places that get lake effect but here at my facility in Jamestown, NY since 10 pm Monday evening we have had approx. 37" of snow with a little break right now but more coming like John A. said.