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i know this may sound like a stupid question, but keep in mind that i am a southerner and know very little about plows. ok heres my question, can you have a brush guard and plow attached to the truck at the same time?

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I know on the older conventional mount plows, you couldn't with out modifications.

However I believe that I saw a truck with a guard just like that, with a Fisher min mount mounting system on it.


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I think Geoff's right with regard to the modern equipment, such as the Fisher Min Mount.

Then there's the approach a friend of mine and I use: I built my own front bumper and "kangaroo catcher" that's robust enough to serve as the plow mount. If so desired, the plow lights can be unbolted and the lift arm & cylinder removed (I use an underhood powerpack) for a "cleaner" look in the summer months.


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I remember people bolting the light guards onto the old style Fisher lift frames. Then in the summer they would just remove the lift cylinder, triangle and lights. Keep in mind that one o the advantages of the new style is that you remove a lot of weight (steel) from the front of the truck when not plowing. Also if you run a brushguard and a plow you will add to the weight on the truck and possibly be overweight on the front axle.

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I had an old style western, that mounted behind the bumper. They could not be on at the same time, but come spring, I took the pump and lights off and put the brush guard back on. Took less than 1/2 an hour, including hooking the "super off-roaders" back up.

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