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What would be better 89 to 92 bronco with 351 or old lbazer with 350 for snow plowing!!!

GeoffD Veteran
As far as i know with the little information provided i would go with the 92. Why because it's newer, but you only gave me the year and engine size. I don't think 1 cubic inch is going to make much difference. Now if you told me the 89 had a heavy duty front end, super enginer cooling, ect. I would say the 89.<p>Geoff


2000 Club Member
Go with the blazer if you are in the same year range. Chevy made the k style blazer till 92, and you get the solid front axel which is way better than the ford TTB.<br>Plus I like chev's<br>Dino<p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment

John DiMartino Veteran
Dino is right,go with Blazer,1st off,its got a way better front end,the 350TBI chevy is a dream to work on and parts are cheap and readily available,Has an of you done a valve cover gasket on a Ford with that huge intake over one side,service is a nightmare.The 4L60 trans is way better than the ford AOD or E4OD and it has a better 1st gear ratio for plowing.Even though GM's alternators are bad,they still outlast fords 4 to 1.The other side is that the Bronco will ride better,probably not rust as quickly,and is more comfortable.I work on both and Ford will cost you more to repair,if it's average it will require more repairs than GM and it will get less MPG even with 302.If you go Ford figure a rebuilt front end off the start and a set of airbags.This is with 89-91 K blazer,if you are talking a 92 K-blazer you cant even compare the 2,It is superior in all catagorys,but you will have to pay a lot,as they have great resale value but are worthit.Good luck and which ever you choose,look it over good,condition is more important than mileage or brand when the truck is 8+ years old. John D<p>----------<br>John D<br>

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