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Broken Plow Bad

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by smoothbore2004, Jan 2, 2005.

  1. smoothbore2004

    smoothbore2004 Member
    from Indiana
    Messages: 42

    Hey guys
    Well last night my worker calls me and informs me that the plow has broke at the welds where the light tower and frame are attached. I go check it out and sure enough the whole frame has collapsed. I call western and tell them what happen they inform me that they redesigned the weld and that they would fix it for me since they have had problems. My question is have any of you guys had this problem? Maybe i am being to hard on my equipment. I have also noticed a cpl other places that welds have cracked on the plow and not sure what the problem may be. Any ideas might help. It is a western pro plow going in its third season.
    Thanks take care George
  2. ta3834bbl

    ta3834bbl Senior Member
    Messages: 215

    Boy, that is a scary tale. Hope noone gets hurt because of something like this. :(
  3. Crumm

    Crumm Senior Member
    Messages: 529

    Are you sure that is not your problem. Hired help normally does not take care of equipment like the owner would like. It sounds as though Western has had the problem before but you might stop by unannounced some time and see how the hired help is treating the equipment.