Broken door?

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I was recently astonished to find my drivers door on my 95 f250 was broken. I got out, locked it (power locks) did snow job, hit the unlock key on the keyless went to the door and nothing. The look wont go more than half way up and i turn the key in the door and nothing happens. I aslo can't open it from the inside. Anyone have any tips as to how to trick my door open, its been a real pain climbing through the cab over the 4*4 clutch every time i drive.
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Roll the window down and carefully spread the inside and outside panels apart so you can see inside. Something must have jammed the lock mechanism, you'll have to fish it out with a flashlight and hard wire. If that doesn't work, you'll have to remove the inside panel, but it will be difficult with the door closed.


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Mmmm... It's strange that you can't open it from the inside. Usually, the lock automatically unlocks once the handle is pulled. Does the inside door handle move at all or is it stuck? The panel needs to come off so you can see what is broken. Not sure how you could do this since the door is stuck in the shut position. It would be tough to pop off. Maybe call a locksmith. They might have an idea for you. They have the right tools to slide into the window slot.

pats plowing

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Thanks Pelican and SD.
I have power windows and already tried stopping and separating the panel, didnt work. I have absolutely no clue how i will get the panels separated. This truck just has been a pos from the start. I might just say screw it and hit the damm door with a sledge hammer a few times, no panel to worry about then.