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I have an 89 silverado 1500 short bed 4x2 that has tail light problems.

Problem #1: the brake switch has been replaced 4 times now. At first, the light "sticks" until you pull to pedal up. After a week or so of that, something on it cracks and I have to replace it. It is a cheap plastic part about $13 (i think) from autozone or advanced auto parts (same at both places). Is there a stronger switch I can buy or am I doing something wrong?

Problem #2: the taillights rusted...the reverse lights don't come on and the brake lights are messed up. I looked at the inside of em and saw that there was this rusted strip. I think the bulbs are fine but the taillight is messed up. Can I fix this somehow or can I find new ones cheap?



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Problem #1 Could be that the switch is not lined up with the arm that makes contact with the switch. Pulling up on the pedal can break it if it is not adjusted correctly.When releasing the pedal, it should move the switch just enough to cause the light to go out. Maybe the pedal itself is what is sticking, which could be the pivot point or the spring causing it.

Problem #2 Should be able to buy replacement bulb sockets fairly cheap. You will need to cut the old wires and wire the new sockets.

i have an 89 also different model but i bet same tail light internals

i had to buy new internal sockets at the time i needed them quick so searching junk yards was not an option (dealer part) any way i replaced the whole thing outside the plug at end of harness , the way i saw it , it would be hard to fix what was there....... any thing short of full replacement


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for prob #2 i would check your grounds b4 you start replacing anything. i had some bad grounds on my 84 that were doing some pretty strange things back there, once i moved the wires to some fresh metal everything was fine.



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prob. #2

i think you can buy that aftermarket at your local parts store. i saw the part at my local big a store the other day, must be a common piece cause they stocked it. as far as prob im unsure.

hope you find the part
Mark K

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