Brake pedal noise

bob Veteran
I have a 1995 K1500. Lately the brake pedal is a little harder to depress and it also makes a hissing noise. Any ideas?

Chuck Smith

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It sounds like the vacuum booster may be going. The hissing may be an internal vacuum leak. The fact that the pedal is harder, makes me think the booster is going even more.



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Lafayette, LA
One of my trucks did that and it was the booster. My other truck is just the opposite its really squishy then it really grabs...I'm pretty sure when i get a chance to bleed the brake lines it will fix it if not I'll inquire more....also...anyone ever have trouble with their brake fluid cap...My resevoir is plastic and it has a rubber cap (I'm assuming to keep equal pressure between the two and on the fluid) and the cap is plastic...for some reason it doesnt want to stay closed...should I be able to get a new cap at a autoparts store? the mean time hope the people following me when i hit a pothole enjoy the smell of brake fluid smoke from a hot manifold ;)

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