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I met with my accountant the other morning, so I'm going to blame my screw up on my deep thought of the numbers. When I got back home I put the Boss v-plow on to scrape some slushy ice that was letting loose with the warmer weather. I have the Catagory II hook up where there is one lever to pull back and pin to secure the plow. Well guess what I forgot to do. The first place I went to, a bed and breakfast on a main road in town, I started to back drag by the end of one drive and left the plow where I started. DUH. This plow is very easy to hook up when on a flat service and at the perfect height and level, but not on an incline at the end of a driveway with snow built up under only one wing. First I had to work at getting the thing off the ground. Then I had the thrill of trying to rehook the thing with the truck blocking one lane of traffic on a busy road. Luckily none of the competition came by to laugh at me. After three tries I finally get it back on the truck and the right wing won't work. Had to bring it back to the shop to look at it. Luckily I just pulled a wire connector off on the controller for the pump. Not a good way to start the day.

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I've always been afraid of that happening, so I try to double-check everything before I even raise the plow.

Look on the bright side, at least nothing major broke.


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And nobody saw you. If you wouldn't have admitted it, nobody would have known.

That is a question I had though. Do you really not have a problem normally hooking it up? Everybody in our area hates the Boss (supposed) Rapid Tach II. I'm thinking it might be the dealer who isn't installing them right though.


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It really makes a big difference to have your jackstand adjusted properly in proportion to your cutting edge. I like to keep my cutting edge off the ground when in the garage to not have rust marks on the cement. So once you get the right combo it is very easy. I literally can hook the plow up in under 1 minute. Under 30 seconds if I don't latch the lever:(