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i have just had my frame straightened and is dead on so they say i do believe them. the truck cab is brand new never been put on a truck the truck is a 1980 4x4 the seat bolts for the cab had to have the covers punched out .yes brand new from a wrecker stumbled across it for $150 sitting in the back of a farm field i guess.since the cab was for a 1980 1ton 2wd i had to give the truck a 2 inch body lift to get the height over ther 203, on top of the 4 inch suspension lift it already had. after the frame was straightened the box sit's low on one side about an 3\4 of an inch . it look's like the bottom is bent on the front right were it is low are these boxes easy to straigthen or should i look for a new one.appreciate any help on this

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When you say "bottom", are you referring to the crossers spot welded to the bottom of the box which bear on the frame? Since these are just formed tin, it's possible they may have crushed a little. If the box is in good shape otherwise, it's not a big deal to attach new material (MIG welding would be the best way IMO) to get them back to the right shape.

If the box itself is "tweaked", again it depends on how good a condition it's in otherwise. I don't know how practical it would be to straighten a pickup box that was warped though.

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