box plow; rubber edge or trip edge?


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new brunswick
I am buying my first box scraper this week. I am going to take the pluge. Nobody in my area uses this method. Power angled blades just caught on here for loaders a few years ago. Still most large contractors plow with buckets. I want to here people nightmares about rubber cutting edges on protech blades or avalanche. I am leaning towards buying the pro tech due to the nice things I have heard on this site for customer support.

Thanks for your time, CAt


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Get the optional urethane edge for the pusher box. All the benifits of impact absorbtion, yet it wont tear like rubber.
Look into a company named RCS, they also make pushers, and the urethane is a stock item.


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I own a pro tech for the last four years have used it and it worked excellent for moving snow but never scraped good, but in certain conditions did excellent and in other conditions left a layer of snow, I went through about 1 edge a year and they kept tearing on me until i bought the ureathane edge from Dino, He helped me install it and it worked a lot better and to this day has not torn, but last year we had some bad storms where we were leaving about 1" of packed snow on the lots because it was not scraping down, (We got ice, rain, sleet and then 8" of snow over it, it was a total mess) We got into a lot of trouble and the lots looked like sh**, I dont think that it was the edges fault but i dont think anything with a rubber or ureatheane edge would have done it but i had it after last winter and broke down this fall and bought a Daniels Snow Pusher with Steel Trip edge, havent had a chance to use it but it looks heavy duty and i think it is going to work great, hopefully i can tell you after Monday how it works but it looks like it will do the job, it was a little more expesive than the other ones but after the problems last year i think it will be well worth it. Just My two Cents Sorry it is such a long Post

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