Bought an old plow

Discussion in 'Meyer / Diamond Products Discussion' started by 4JeepNuts, Jan 31, 2011.

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    So I broke down and bought an old Jeep w/ a plow to do my driveway. It is a Meyer I think an E-47.

    Brought it home and messed around some. It seems when I angle right it floats back to center but when I angle left it stays left. Is this a bad check valve?

    What type of Hyd fluid should I use?

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    I also bought an old Meyer this season. I took mine all apart and replaced all the seals and flushed the system before I even tried it. Meyer sells a rebuild kit. Yours just might need to be cleaned up?

    I purchased the fluid from Meyer and it was pricey. Later I found that Tractor Supply Center sold some snow plow fluid at about half the cost. I've read on this list where other users just using standard hydraulic fluid.
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    Do yourself a BIG favor and use ONLY Meyer fluid...There is a huge difference from the crap at Tractor supply/Napa and other aftermarket suppliers. I used to think the same thing, fluid is fluid, I'll save a few bucks....NOPE !
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    Welcome to Plowite Jeep.

    I use the blue fluid from Tractor Supply but I always add a couple of caps full of dry gas to get rid of the water. Just for the heck of it, Put the drained oil in a quart jar and let is set for a few days and see how much water is in your fluid. Of course if it is milky in color, it has water in it. Now you have to find the leak and fix it. Until you fix the leak, I would put in the cheaper blue fluid.

    Like redbug say, you may want to flush the system.

    Flushing the system, Kerosene will clean for sure but maybe you should read what the Meyer says about it. The best price is not always the best deal.

    Good Luck
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    I just had to point out the irony between your post and your signature! :D
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    Of coarse Meyer will tell you to use only their hydraulic oil. Of coarse they will tell you other oil may cause problems. They'd be nuts to encourage the use of aftermarket oil.

    I've been using Angelo's plow oil in my Meyer pumps for years with no issues at all. It's cheap and it works...that's all I know.
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    E47 issues

    No expert here, but could it be you've got air in your system? Mine was acting a bit strangely and I unhooked the couplings with the plow slightly downhill, so the fluid would run toward the front, and then filled it to the top. That took care of it.

    Put the plow up and try to make it go left/right. I think it should be pretty tight. And it could be you have a crossover valve problem. I'm not sure about that.

    Good seals, clean Meyers fluid, shiny bright electrical connections go a LONG way. I inherited a used F250 that sat 7 yrs. replaced the B valve and solenoid and A solenoid (wire broke) and went thru the plow and replaced all seals. Then flushed out all the old fluid and its working great. They're pretty simple overall. Just take care of them. Water and dirt are your enemies. The top seal has to be good or you'll get water in, and if your cylinders are rusty and scored, every time they go past the seal, they'll damage it and take in snow/water and maybe dirt into the fluid.
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    id 2nd this. If you buy local this fluid can be very pricey but ive seen the meyers fluid online as cheap as $7 a quart so might be better off ordering from there.forget the name of the company but just google it. My pump ive had no problems with this year using meyers fluid but i know others who use the generic fluid and always seems like there having problems or tearing up pumps.just my $.02
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    I use some cheap plow fluid that O'Riley's carries, do not have any problems, but then again my top seal leaks, so I loose fluid and gain water. I change the fluid after every day I use the plow. I need to fix it, but I hate to pull it apart and have it snow 2 feet when I am trying to fix it..

    as for it floating back, I would think that it has air in the system or there is something wrong with the hose to that angle cylinder. I would not think that its the cross over valve as it would do it on both sides.

    You might check the controller, that may be the problem also...
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    So what did you do?
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    mine did the same thing last year, held to one side , floated so to speak on the other ...WAS the crossover relie valve ,,was a bad o-ring . Got a complete kit and changed in 5 minutes.
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    use meyer fluid !!!

    I used to run dexron in my e47, but if you have issues that you can't figure out , your local meyer dealer won't put it on his test stand if it has anthing but meyer electrolift fluid in it- as for flushing, I go to the dollar store and buy clear lamp oil ( which is just high grade kerosene, filtered ) only a couple of bucks for a 2 qt jug, will be enough to flush twice- also, when you flush , soak your filters ( there are 2 of them ) in lamp oil, then blow out with compressed air before re- installing them . I also shoot compressed air down through the reservoir ( where the fill hole is ) , while the drain and filter plugs are out , to try and blow out anything that remains in the system. flush your system before plow season, then about mid way through - seems to work fine for me, also less icing up with the meyer fluid, compared to dexron , and the S.A.M. fluids- been plowing since 1984, with the same e-47 pump since 1987 ( bought it used in 1987...) and , other that replacing a couple of solenoid coils, I haven't had to rebuild, knock on wood !!!
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    [QUOTE='Rude Dog;1240045]Iwith the same e-47 pump since 1987 ( bought it used in 1987...) and , other that replacing a couple of solenoid coils, I haven't had to rebuild, knock on wood !!![/QUOTE]

    Damn thats a long time without a rebuild. Must be doing something right or your very lucky