Boss wing inop.

I tried to do a search on this, but couldn't find anything. Heres the scoop, 8'2" boss v on a 99 superduty ford. The right wing won't move once in a while, no clicking, no motor running, no nothing. Checked and cleaned all solenoid connections and made sure everything was plugged in all the way and everything looked good. Also once in a while after sitting for a couple days, when you try to move the blade, the pump runs, but it takes a few seconds for anything to start moving (up,down or angling). Checked fluid level and it was full. Thanks in advance for any help.

p.s. 51 days til Daytona 500


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Correct me if I'm wrong, But if you check the fluid level with all cylinders extended and find it low then add fluid, where is all the fluid from the extended cylinders going to go?


ps looking for Bristol, Watkins Glen, and Charlott tickets.
6 for each race.
#3 race in peace.


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When you find out what the problem is I would greatly appreciate knowing as I just order the same Boss plow for a new truck. It will be installed ina few days.

No offense, but I've figured out how to check and add fluid, anybody have any ideas on the wing not moving when everything else works fine. Possible solenoid or touch pad problem?

By the way Sledhead, I am a nascar fan. Not as faithful as I used to be after this years Daytona 500 though.


p.s. 49 days til Daytona
5 days til the Huskers are national champs
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My boss owners manual says that the most possible cause of your problem is low fluid..... there may be other ways of checking the fluid and I wasnt doubting your ability. my owners manual however says to check flfluid levels with the plow up and wings out or may cause undesireable operation...

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