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Boss Wing Dimensions.

Discussion in 'Boss Plows Discussion' started by lodogg89, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. lodogg89

    lodogg89 Senior Member
    Messages: 412

    If someone could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated. Im working on fabricating a set of wings similar to the boss design. I tried to get my hands on a set of wings to look at up close, but no such luck. I need the length of both the upper and lower angle iron pieces. Also does anyone happen to know the thickness and size of the angled steel??.
  2. BOSS550

    BOSS550 Senior Member
    Messages: 212

    Boss wings

    I wondered if any uv you have put wings on a Boss with Factory option Boss curb guards. I hate to take my guards off to fit the wings. I don't have wings yet. Settin on the fence about coughing up so much green for white stuff.
  3. Mebes

    Mebes Senior Member
    Messages: 451

    I just helped a buddy put some on his 8' 2" Boss V with the curb guards.
    Its no problem because the scrapers are rubber.
    So you just trim them to fit around the curb guard.

    Not sure what you are talking about factory curb option, but he just purchased 2 new scraper bars were bent back around the outside of the blade to guard the curb like the right side (curb) of this picture.

  4. BOSS550

    BOSS550 Senior Member
    Messages: 212

    boss wings

    Thnx Mebes. The places I checked with wern't sure what they were made of. I don't mind cutting rubber or steel but I thought they may be poly like my plow is.
  5. SpruceLandscape

    SpruceLandscape Senior Member
    Messages: 248

    The ones that i have seen were also just trimmed out maybe half an inch on the inside of the rubber to fit around the curb guard. That was at the dealer show room. I think they just marked it and cut it with a sawzall or hacksaw, but if you want, I can contact them and find out for sure.
  6. plowzilla

    plowzilla Senior Member
    Messages: 290

    I installed my wings with the curb guards on. PAY special attention to cut the rubber at the same angle as the wings attaching to the plow. Otherwise you will leave a nice size hole between the curb guard and the rubber. I also had to notch out a small section of the metal frame for a perfect fit. ( I believe the angle is somewhere around 40 degrees). Good luck and take your time.