Boss Vplow vs Fisher Vplow

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by boba, Oct 10, 2000.

  1. boba

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    I'm undecided which one to put on a 2000 Ford F350 diesel pickup. Presently I run a fisher ezv on a 1999 Ford F350 dump truck and find it too narrow. Thoughts???
  2. iowastorm

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    A Boss 9'2'' V will work well and will be wide enough if you have duallys. This is my opinion, but the 10' Boss V would work too and be even more productive, but costs around $5K. I think they're well built, have ample reinforcements and trip springs. Don't think you'll have any problems or complaints from either plow. Remember the most important point of all; Boss' website is better looking than Fisher's; that's the most important thing of all. . . . and now the responses from the Fisher crowd.
  3. Chuck Smith

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    Don't forget the BOSS glossy color sales brochure! And the nifty BOSS plow "in action" video.

  4. GeoffD

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    The 8.5 v works fine on a 350 pick up, i have one. However i agree it is too small on an F 350 Dump. From now on the only dump trucks that get V plows are the F 550, because you can use a 9.5 v. The cost difference between the F 450 and F 550 is so small, your crazy not to get the F 550.

  5. John Allin

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    When you wear the decals off, Boss will send you new ones, no charge. We just got a bunch in. That's a selling point.
  6. plowking35

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    Unless you are buying another truck to run the ezv on, you will lose your shirt selling it, and buying a new boss.
    I would add pro wings, or live with it. I have an mvp on a 98 K-3500 dually, extended wheel base with a back pack tool box, and 8' body. I have no problems with the 8.5' width.
  7. John Allin

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    We find that our Boss plows don't have much of a resale value, but with new decals we can get $2500 for the decals and throw in the plow for nothing.....
  8. diggerman

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  9. Snow Pro

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    If the Boss doesn't trip, you're better off with the Fisher.
  10. Lazer

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    1.) You can get Poly (Only in 8.2 and 9.2) though.
    2.) You can get a 10', which is really what you want on a dually.

    My 1/2 ton SB I set up 2 years ago, I only mounted an 8.2' on it, wish I'd gone w/ 9.2'.

    I do think it's time for Boss to offer a cutter-edge trip design option.

    But, wider is better.