Boss VBox salter problems

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As mentioned earlier I recently aquired a Boss VBox Salter which is an older model. The bottom of the box where the chain rides above is weak where it sits on the truck bed. Also it has been bent by forks from a forklift in a couple spots in this same area. Idiots didn't think about lifting it from the top.

Has anyone ever tried to weld a L support in this area to strengthen the bottom channel. Seems you could just cut out the bottom lip at the 90 degree angle with a plasma cutter and then replace with some L steel to reform the lip to strengthen the bottom. I have to replace the chain anyway so that would be out of the way for easy access. I did get the motor running, the clutch works, bearings are free,spinner spins and it did try to run until the chain broke (a $300.00 bill) ( it was in bad shape from years of neglect) What do you think???


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The chain would have broken when it strained from a load of sand or salt. Don't sweat that. I have replaced and repaired many parts of spreaders before. The floor, chutes, sills, etc. IT is all just steel. Just remember that you must leave clearance for the moving parts. The last thing you want is for it to bind up somewhere.

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