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Boss V problem


Central Ohio
I have an old style 8.5' Boss V plow.
The left side wing would slowly retract back while driving.
Now the left side wing won't do anything. The pump is trying to work making a obvious sound of trying to get the wing to extend out, Wing won't move.
Please help.
I was told that the reason for the wing retracting was maybe a small piece of debris in the valve. Could the same thing cause the wing to not extend?
Like I said when I try to extend that side out, The pump makes a noise like it's trying but nothing happens.
Thanks for your help guys. I need to plow right now.
In about 10 min. I will start taking it apart.


PlowSite Fanatic
May have a contamination issue like you suspect. But it would have to be with both the L retract as well as the L extend valves both...which is definitely possible but I'd say one is contaminated and one has a coil or electrical issue in the wire to the coil.

Go ahead and pull both the L wing valves and clean them really good with brake clean & compressed air.

Since it wont even extend the wing check the extend valve for magnetism to be sure your wiring is good to the coil and that the coil itself is working.