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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by boba, Aug 25, 2000.

  1. boba

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    I have a 99F-350 dump and currently run a fisher 81/2 ezv.
    In the v position it always runs in the snow. The new fisher ezv is for the 450 and up.

    Has anybody used the Boss v? How does it hold up?

    I plan to put my fisher on a f350 pickup.
  2. snow

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    well, goeff will be ordering some of the new 9.5' fisher v's. john parker (ny sno pros) has a hiniker v-plow, and the first storm it got dents. hiniker and boss are both full trip v-plows. all i can say is that one of the people with a full trip v-plow is not satisfied with it. i don't know about the boss users because i don't know anyone with one. a few guys here run them, and have a few of them. i don't know if they get a lot of dents or anything.

  3. diggerman

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    They seem to hold up well, I have 8 of them. I have 8 for a couple of reasons,first reason is that i started with boss liked them bought more so to maintain a replace part stash with out having to many diffrent plows and when something goes wrong knowing what the problem is,second I have heard alot about some of the other brands and problems with weak center posts,something I thought was fairly evident from the beginning. Our oldest one could be 5 to 7 years old and has done it all,plowed airport runways,driveways,parking lots,drifted country roads,etc with nothing but praise. One note about boss controls is that personaly I do not like the boss joy stick controller and all my two swich controls are rotated in their boxes so that the wing swiches do like what they look and the up down move side to side.It seems to be easier for new guys to pick up on.The controls are the only peeve that I have had.
  4. John DiMartino

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    My uncle runs 2 Boss vee's and they are holding up well,but they are a pain to mount and very heavy.The 8fter is a lot tougher and stronger than the 7'6" model.
  5. diggerman

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    Yeah I forgot to mention the rapid tach boss isn't,it's a major pain to mount
  6. Deere John

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    We put the smart-lock cylinders on our and backblade with no problems. We're happy with both the plow and our dealer - excellent fellow who loves his line of work too.

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    John (temporarily) in Hornypain, Ontario
  7. Lazer

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    We've got 10 Boss V's.

    Rapid-Tach I, II & III.

    They were the only V-plow when we started using V-Plows.

    Very heavy-duty construction.

    I've done some plowing with the Western "trip-edge" V.

    I like the "trip-edge" much better on a V than a straight blade. Only 1/2 the edge trips and the other 1/2 hold the blade up and allows the tripped edge to quickly get back in plowing position.
  8. Eric ELM

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    So what would you get to replace an old plow now? Western? I'm thinking about trying one.