Boss SK vs SK-R Snow Pushers


Holmesville, Oh
Need some input on Boss Snow Pushers. I will be buying one in the next few days. Interested in experience with the SK AND SK-R models. My understanding is SK tilts and adjusts to the ground via the mounting system and has a metal trio edge. The SK-R adjusts to the ground via the shies on the box ends and has a rubber cutting edge. I have never used a rubber edge before. I'm interested in what you like and don't like. Any issues with either one not cleaning well? Going on a New Holland Powerstar 75. My father has been dreaming about a tractor like this his whole life, at 69 he finally gets it. I'll be subbing some work to him but I am buying the plow.


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We run 5 SK box plows. For the money, they are a good plow. Are they a miracle machine that does an excellent job in all situations? No. They will ride up once the box is full on wet heavy snows. Overall they leave a fairly nicely scraped finish. Well worth the $3,500-4,000

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