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    Just wanted to let you know that after using almost all makes and models of snow removal equipment, that I am very impressed with Boss products and customer service!! Only Boss for me.
  2. Boss Plows

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    Thanks, we appreciate the comment.

    The BOSS Snowplow
  3. kb9ldk

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    Hooking up to my BOSSis a real drag

    I have a terrible time getting connected to my BOSS.
    I Am so dissatisfied,, I wish I had spent my money on another brand.
    Dealer in Indy is NO Help.

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    just curious kb,
    what are you having trouble? with i bought an RT3 with the smart hitch2 and my 9 year old son usually puts it on and takes it off for me...i absolutely love it..i plow and remove it right away as im doing no commercial just using it for personal use..
  5. John DiMartino

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    The boss hooks up so easy,I love it,the only problem is when the truck is loaded as i found out,I tried to unhook mine with a 1/2 a V -box full in the spreader,i had to floor jack the a frame up to get the plow to unhook,I couldnt imagine trying to get the plow on like that.The plow is just to heavy to manhandle,you need a jack,if it wont unhook.Initial quality aside,Im totally satified with my new Boss,I really love the lights,and speed at which it cycles.
  6. Mike Jean

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    Love my new 9'2"

    I bought a new 9'2" V this fall I've only pushed twice with it, but what a time saver. All my trucks will have one next year.
  7. OP

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    Trouble mounting?

    Hey KB
    Got an 8.2 and a 9.2. Can mount both of them in less than a minute
  8. DaveK

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    A few weeks ago somebody else mentioned that they were having a hard time mounting the Boss V. I told them they must be doing something wrong. I've never seen an easier plow to mount. And I don't even own one, I just use one when helping a friend. My Western Unimount is a real pain in the a$$.
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    I love the old Rapid Tach 2 mounting system. I like this system of mounting the best. It might not be the newest and up to date but it works for me. I can have the plow on in a little over a minute and not have to mess with aligning pins. Plus I like the dual lift pistons better than having one piston.
  10. butler L&S

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    I purchased a new 8.5 V plow this fall. I have had a couple minor problems with it. First of all the center section is made of rubber and has fallen off twice. I purchased a new one to have as a spare and put it on after the original fell off the secod time. The new center piece was about .5" taller than the scraper blades and caused the plow to scrape uneven untill the rubber center piece wore level with the scraper blades. This was very annoying!

    The second problem has to do with the shoes. One of the shoes broke off when it hit a curb. I did not hit the curb very hard and was surprised to see the shoe in the snow as I backed up.

    I know these are minor problems, but we have only had 3 plowable snowfalls this season.

    Despite this I still believe Boss makes a good plow. Having plowed with a straight blade for 4 years, the difference is night and day with the V plow.

    Has anyone else had these problems?
  11. John DiMartino

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    My center ruber peice is OK ,at this point,it does look fragile for its intended use though,but so far its been fine,I put the biggest washer i could on it,when i mounted it,bigger than what it came with,and i dont use shoes with the U edge,I dont use shoes with any edge,the make good door stops,Butler,you should have an 8'2",or a 9'2",not that it matters.
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    Just as a comment on "hook up". When we get calls on hook up issues, it is almost always a height issue between the pushbeam hook and the coupler tower of the plow. If the pushbeam is too low (or the plow is too high), the solid pin in the coupler tower will not rotate down onto the hook. The result is the spring loaded pin won’t “find” the opening in the beam to go through. We recommend the beam be 15-1/2” from the ground to the center of the hole for new plows. You might go to and enter the “Service Center”, go to “Manuals”, then to “Undercarriages” and pick your vehicle. There is an illustration showing the right height for hooking up your plow. If you are ok there and still are having trouble, you should see your dealer. There must be some other underlying issue preventing the fast hook up.

    The BOSS Snowplow
  13. chrizbie

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    Boss Plow

    I just bought a BOSS RT3 a week ago and for the first time I took it off of my truck. I didn't really track time, but it took me about 15 seconds to dismount the unit. I out it back on about an hour ago and took me about 1 minute (not bad for the first time)BOSS is the best and I would never buy another the salesman in Little Falls, Ny was excellent service and sales A1. Thanks for listening to me rave!! and Please Let It Snow!!!! Chris
  14. butler L&S

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    John you are right it's a 8'2" my mistake.
  15. kb9ldk

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    My Boss is an older one. Not the recent "2" version.
    The Plow is great. The V, The cylinders. But connecting to
    that first generation connection. WOW. COuld be me or the truck...
  16. bgrover

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    Having just purchased my first plow Friday (7'6" Tripedge, SH2) I have been very impressed with the plow quality and my local dealer's service (J.W. Fleming, Duncansville PA).

    My question regards hooking the plow up after you have taken it off. Do you do it by yourself, or do you get someone to help guide you into the plow? My main concern is with getting the properly lined up with the plow so that it mounts. Is this a problem or am I worried over nothing.

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    I can tell you what I did with my plow, if it helps. I line up the seam on the hood of my truck with the headlight on the plow. After a couple of times, I was comfortable hitting the right spot. I does take a certain feel, however. The BOSS Plow