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Boss Power-V blowing a fuse when lowering

Discussion in 'Boss Plows Discussion' started by PremierPlow, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. PremierPlow

    PremierPlow Junior Member
    Messages: 28

    Hi guys.

    I've got a problem with one of my plows that I ran into last week. (we did get enough snow to plow in Lake Geneva, WI) It's one of those pesky intermittent electrical problems. The plow is a Boss Power-V 9.2 RT-3 with Smart Hitch. On occasion the fuse will blow when I drop the plow. It has never done it when angling the wings or raising, only lowering. It usually starts out fine and the more i use it the worse it will get. It might go 10 min fine, blow the fuse, i'll replace it and then it'll only make it 2 min and then it'll blow the next one the first time i try and lower it. other times it'll blow the fuse right off. I pulled it into the shop to try and fix it and i couldn't get it to blow the fuse. I pulled it out and hit the button to lower it and it didn't even go down 6" before it blew the fuse. I've replaced the coils on the valves and done a visual inspection of the wire from the controller to the plow and can't find any problems.

    Has anyone run into something like this? it's maddening and I really can't take it out like this.

    Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. B&B

    B&B PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 12,777

    The lower coil is shorted (internally) or the orange wire is shorted to ground and you just haven't found it yet. Don't rule out the SH switch being shorted internally as well as the orange wire goes to it as well. Simply disconnecting it from the switch is a quick easy test for that.

    And as a quick coil test you can temporarily swap it with one of the other coils.

    Ice or corrosion at the 13-pin plug will do it too but I'll assume you've been over that already.
  3. Mr. Mud

    Mr. Mud Member
    Messages: 91

    I don't know how new your plow is or if a dealer installed, but I will tell you about my issue last year. This was on the smart hitch operation only when it was blowing fuses. On the factory portion of the assembly when they bolted the hydro motor in to the frame, a wire went behind it between the rear cover and the motor and when the bolts got tightened through the cover to the pump it pinched through the wire covering and created a ground. What was maddening was that after moving it around sometimes it would react and other times not. May look under cover and see if a wire is pinched similar to mine. Good luck, MUD
  4. PremierPlow

    PremierPlow Junior Member
    Messages: 28

    Still looking for the problem. I'll post here when I find it.

    Thanks for your input!
  5. PremierPlow

    PremierPlow Junior Member
    Messages: 28


    I found the problem. Or i should say Problems. I had at least two, maybe three issues.

    The first was the controller. I had the joystick controller and I tested it in Up, Lock and Float positions and there were no problems, but I later tested it again while switching, and moving into float position there is a momentary short. that goes away once the switch is all the way into float.

    I also replaced the smart hitch switch. It was badly corroded inside and as it's cheap and easy to replace I did just to rule that out.

    So, with these to items fixed I went out to plow the little that we got yesterday. The plow had worked great when I tested it yesterday and before I left. I got the the first lot and it wouldn't lower. But now I could leave it in float without blowing the fuse and was able to quickly find a spot in the wire where it looks fine, but there must be a break inside the wire. If i bend it at this one spot the plow lowers. So I just propped it in a position where it would work and finished up. I'll be replacing that wire today and should be good to go.

    Thanks for your pointers on trouble shooting this.

    This is my first season with a BOSS or a V plow. A little different than what I've had in the past, but I'm catching on to how it all works.