BOSS Plows?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Caneplow, Feb 4, 2001.

  1. Caneplow

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    Does anyone have experience with these plows? I was just getting ready to purchase a plow for my new truck and the ones that we have on our commerical trucks are all Fishers; This will be for my personal truck; although I am sure that I will end up using it on our big jobs as I always do :cool:

    I was looking at the Poly Power V if anyone has any feedback both positive and negitive are fine.

    Thanks, Nick
  2. plowking35

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    There has been alot of weld cracking comments on Boss v plows in past discussions here. Add to that the fact that full trip and v plows dont work well together, I would get a fisher v plow.You are already familair with their plows, and probably have a good dealer near you. If not , the western v plow would be your next choice,. I have 2 of them, and they are very good plows.
    The boss is a good plow with very fast hydros, but they will put alot more energy into the frame of the truck. The fisher/western will trip just the bottom edge when an obstacle is hit. the boss needs to retract a wing, and then trip over, losing the snow that you are carrying.
    There are many boss fans here, and I am sure that some will disagree with me, but there are also many fisher western users that will agree with their quality as well.
    There was also mention of a recall on the poly v , but I cant confirm or deny that.
  3. John DiMartino

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    My cousin has 2 Boss v-plows,both 97's.The hydro's are very fast,but the blades are both cracking along the vertical pin area,they rewelded them,and they seem to be holding up OK otherwise.From what Ive read here you would be better off with a Western or Fisher V,only because they have a lower trip edge,the bosses full trip wont trip in the scoop position,so the plow will break,bend or truck will,or both if you hit a manhole or other immovable object.
  4. earth works inc.

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    I have owned a boss plow for 5 years with minor problems only this year. I had to replace the wiring harness due to quirky problems with the lights and the blade not raising due to breaks in the wires. have not experienced and cracks in the plow and just put on a u - blade so now when i hit something, the jolt is not as bad.

    I also own a fisher v - blade, but do not like the control unit as well as my boss. I can manuever the blade alot quicker with my box control than having to switch modes with the fisher. The fisher is slower than the boss but i do like the trip blade.

    If you already own several fishers, than maybe stay with that brand and dealer if you are satisfied.
  5. OP

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    The problem is that Fisher doesn't have a V plow for my truck; I don't know about Western but I think BOSS will work; I have a 01 Ram 2500 Diesel with a quad cab and they only offer small plows for this truck due to the weight of the engine.
  6. diggerman

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    Go with the boss it will out last any of the others hands down,go look at the construction diffrences its obvious which is has the more durable construction.The speed of the hydralics and the cost diffrence in the maintenance of the hydralic pumps will by far out weight the negative aspects.If the Boss doesn't work out my second choice would be a Fisher, not because I know so much about them but I have seen the inherant weakness of the Westerns and their consumer rather than commercial construction.
  7. Deere John

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    Dealer support is the most important. There has been a ton of back and forth verbage on the difference between the trip designs. We run Boss, and have had no trouble - we are safisfied.

    However, we will only buy from the one dealer, and we will buy what he sells and will service. He knows his product, stands behind it and has great service.

    Perish the thought that he would start selling Meyers or Hiniker again, or I would have to eat my last paragraph.
  8. plowking35

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    With out getting into a brand war, the fisher and western are basically the same units, they are made side by side along each other in the same plant.
    The problem isnt that fisher doesnt make a plow for your truck, is that dodge doesnt recommend a plow for that truck.
    It isnt the engine weight that is causing the problem, its the quad cab and diesel that on paper may overload the front GVW. The boss plow isnt any lighter, so you will have the same weight issue. The thought that the poly plow will save weight is a misnomer, the poly plow actually weighs as much if not more. The only exception would be a snowway lexan plow, but its not available in v configuration.
    Just go and find a dealer that will install a plow for you. Dodge makes the fame kit for that style truck, and the v plow will mount to any minute mount frame.
  9. OP

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    After a few days of finding out information I have a GFAW of 5200 lbs and western will install a V-Plow which is one of the plows on their recommned list. I think this is the direction I will be going; Thanks to all for the feedback and thanks for this great fourm.
  10. wyldman

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    We have several Dodge's (97-2001's),and they will all handle a heavy plow or a "V" blade no probs.You may want to look at adding a set of Tibren springs and running some ballast in the rear to help balance the truck.
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    Go with the Western V, you will like it alot :D

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    V Plows - & Suspension

    Just thought I'd ad my 2 cents worth. Most trucks today really don't handle ANY plow on the front end very well. Add that fact most guys don't run enough (or any at all)ballast in the rear to help compensate for the front load ..... well it just gets scary!

    Timbren load Boosters or Monroes Muscle Load boosters do an unbelievable job. The typical front end kit adds about 1000lbs load carring capability to the front end. At $140.00 for a kit - it is a cheap add on. Just talk to anyone who uses them.

    Rear kits for towing trailers or Salt spreaders are available also.


    Bill Nero
  13. OP

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    I was installing the Rancho shock kit with the adj. leveling; is this not enough? Would/Should I still do more with the suspention system?
  14. DaveO

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    Plow prep


    Do you have the plow prep pkg? If so then the spring rate is increased to handle the plow weight. If you have the 5200FAWR, you prob have the plow prep. I would install the plow, and see how it carries it. If additional help is needed, try the load boosters.

    I think my front coils are 046/047's with the plow prep.

  15. OP

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    yeah, i have the plow package and the trailer package; I have every option you could get on this truck. It was the owners of the dealership; he wanted a dually after 4000 miles and I came in and got a great deal on it.