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Boss guys

Discussion in 'Boss Plows Discussion' started by exmark, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. exmark

    exmark Senior Member
    Messages: 340

    Boss guys please tell me what you like about the boss plow over a western. I have been looking at westerns for a while but have been recently been hearing bad things about them. And about my local dealer who sales them. Please be honest. I want to hear the good things and the bad things. Im planning on buying a plow now within the next two to three weeks.

    RBRONKEMA GHTFD 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,592

    The plows are built to last. The hydros are the quickest on the market. No chain slap. Easy on and off. Very user friendly plug and play wiring. No cutting and splicing. The plows don't rust like the westerns do. The finish on them is a lot tuffer. Are you thinking poly or steel? Vee or straight? How big? Go to boss's site and take a look around. You'll be glad you did. I LOVE MY BOSS PLOWS! And will not buy another brand.
  3. exmark

    exmark Senior Member
    Messages: 340

    Thanks for the input. Im looking at a vee blade for sure probably the 8.2 because I want a 8.6 or 8 and a half and thats the closest. Im thinking poly but I may go steel for price wise and I like the painted look more than poly, more of a personal thing. If you don't mind me asking how much did the vee run you?
  4. grandview

    grandview PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 14,609

    Young grasshopper,buy a Boss and never look at a Western.
  5. ajslands

    ajslands 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,033

    Well he bought the best mower on the market IMO so he should buy the best plow on the market! Boss is a great plow probably the best! I love the smart hitch and the direct lift.
  6. grandview

    grandview PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 14,609

    As soon as he masters it,he'll be able to send it out on its own to plow for him!

    RBRONKEMA GHTFD 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,592

    I paid 3500 just for the blade. Boss doesn't make a regular poly vee anymore. They only make the poly vee in the XT version. They still make the poly straight blade though. If I get a new vee this year I am going to buy a ton of fluid film. Grandview is the fluid film king. Haha he baths in it practically. Haha. Just kidding bud.
  8. exmark

    exmark Senior Member
    Messages: 340

    Thanks for the responses, the reason why I am deciding now is I don't want to get stuck with something that could break down and also the dealer support from what I've heard around here is crap, when it comes to warranties they try to say its been abused to much. This is just what I have heard but I really don't know. This is going to be my first year plowing and I see a ton of boss plows around town, I also see alot of westerns to. But if anyone has had experience with both plows I would like to hear what they have to say when it comes down to the two.
  9. ajslands

    ajslands 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,033

    Most ppl will say boss because of the direct lift. I've got a buddy that uses both ill them next time I see them! But there's only one of those buddies, because everyone else I know runs a boss!
  10. dodgeboy06

    dodgeboy06 Member
    Messages: 42

    I used to run Westerns on the trucks that I had in the past but ended up finding a great deal on a used Boss straight blade and have been happy as heck with it. Last year was my first winter with this plow and it did as well as I could hope. The installation was as simple and straight forward as it gets (I did the install myself) Looking at the newer Western plows there seems to be alot of computer control on them now and, call me old school, but I would much rather have a couple of $5.00 relays that maybe sometime might go out and can be changed in no time and are cheep enough to keep a spare or 2 on hand with me. Try doing that with one of the isolation modules for the Western. Long and short of it I am glad that I got a Boss and as far as I can tell it will be the brand for me going forward.
  11. ommegang

    ommegang Senior Member
    from wi
    Messages: 100

    I ran a Blizzaerd Speedwing for the last three years. Failed on me twice after purchase. Rusted terribly and the exposed control center is stupid. Lighting sucked too. Any company that doesn't post their phone number on their website is one to stay away from. Western/Blizzard/Fisher= same parent company. Traded my F250 in for a new 2011 and traded the plow in along with it. I am gettin a Boss VXT myself.
  12. RCsLawncare

    RCsLawncare Senior Member
    Messages: 459

    Boss plows are great. For my first plow, couldn't ask for anything easier to run, the controls are better and the direct lift is a great feature for me. I have no complaints.
  13. cet

    cet PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 7,257

    I have both a Western 8'6" and a Boss 9'2". Biggest advantage is the direct lift. when driving from site to site it isn't bouncing going down the road. The finish on the new Western's is way better then the old so that isn't an issue. They are both easy to mount, the Boss might be better but the Western is so easy that I wouldn't make that a buying point.

    I will be getting a new Vee this year and it will be a poly Boss.

    If the Western dealer is that bad then I wouldn't buy one for sure.
  14. grandview

    grandview PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 14,609

    Sounds like a road trip down here for a new plow!:drinkup:
  15. Quality SR

    Quality SR PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,829

    What they said. ^^^
    Go with a 9'2" instead, you will be sorry if you didnt. :nod:
  16. scms

    scms Junior Member
    from indiana
    Messages: 6

    I have had both western and boss. We were always making repairs to the Westerns. About five years ago we started buying Boss and the only thing we have had to do was replace the rubber between the cutting edges and they changed the design of the cutting edges so they don't have the rubber anymore. The Boss is the one to go with.
  17. dodgeboy06

    dodgeboy06 Member
    Messages: 42

    So what have you decided to purchase?
  18. got-h2o

    got-h2o 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,440

    The things I do NOT like about Boss V's are that they are spring return, and that they do a full trip rather than a trip edge. People will say its no big deal and full trip is just fine, and they never had a problem. It is just fine, but a trip edge is 10x better. Chain lifts also get knocked, but they never pose a problem, and stack better than a direct lift plow.

    Now I've owned and ran both. I was so pro Boss like some of these guys it was sickening. I hesitated buying a truck years back b/c it had a Unimount on it. Well, I bought the truck and for some reason that turned into owning all Westerns. I deal with so many used plows and trucks it isn't funny. As for mounting, Boss any day. Ultra's can be a PIA. Also, assembly on a new Western takes 10x longer than it does a Boss (not that you'd have to worry about that). If I were to go new between the 2, it would probably be a Boss VXT 9'2". I'm not really sure though. I'm awaiting Airdog's stainless V to come out.

    I wish you could still get Unimounts. IMHO the Unimount MVPs were the best V plow available. The performance and durability of them were great IMHO. I'll take the extra minute to mount, that doesn't bother me that much ;)
  19. Ramairfreak98ss

    Ramairfreak98ss PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,931

    lol same can be said for most plows...

    I think quality is good with most major brands... but the ease of connection on/off, controller, hydro speed etc make it the best. Granted, ive run into my fair share of problems getting them on or off, but after that i know exactly whats going on even in the middle of a storm at night to get the thing on or off of another truck.
  20. got-h2o

    got-h2o 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,440

    I totally agree.

    I have to say though that with a little experience with working on plows, you'll soon see that pump pressure can be adjusted, and a Western can be as fast and responsive as a Boss. Ultra V's are actually pretty speedy out of the box. A unimount with a joystick and pump pressure boosted slightly will blow your mind how fast and responsive it is. For some reason the joysticks respond way better than the handhelds.

    Not to put yet another plug in for Western, but the above is true. Like ramair said, quality is pretty given these days with all major brands.