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    Hello everyone, brand new to this site, I am glad I found it. I have been doing snow removal for residential customers for a few years now, I mainly focus on landscaping. Anyways, my wife wouldn't let me get a truck with a plow, I am sure you know how that goes. I have a 2019 Polaris Sportsman 570. I wanted to use it to do one commercial property that is 300 feet long and 68 feet wide, not a very big lot. Should I spend the $3,000 on a Boss V-Plow or would the Polaris system work for this application? The Polaris system with hydraulics would be approximately $1,200 so quite a price difference. Eventually I will have a truck with a plow and use the ATV for sidewalks along with my snow blowers. Your thoughts please, thank you so much.
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    What truck are you working with now. I would think you could pick up a solid used plow for $3,000 and if you could splurge go for the $1,200 Polaris as a backup.
    And for what's it's worth it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.
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    That atv is more of a sidewalk machine, not a parking lot machine. You’ll be there awhile.
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    That is some solid advice right there
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    You need to man up and tell her who the boss is. Then go buy the truck plow.

    Quads suck for sidewalks, can't even imagine for a parking lot.
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    Sounds like she already knows.
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    is the Polaris Plow system a V plow as well?

    if so I'd go that route.

    just my thoughts.