Boss 9'2 v plow


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I am ordering a Boss or a Western V-Plow

One question I have is Does the boss have good downward force and stay on the ground when going over small bumps, since they don't have the chain set up like on my straight blade?

Also is there and trip edge set up on the Boss? I see there is a trip edge for the western MVP.

If there isn't one on the Boss it would sure be hard on the truck taking all those hidden, unexpected hits!!

I have never seen one of these Boss V-Plows in my area, and would enjoy having one of the first Boss Blades here.

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Please fill out your profile. I'd like to know where you are with the first Boss in your area.

Any V-plow has more downpressure than a straight blade simply from the standpoint that they are of a heavier design. The direct hydraulic connection on a Boss is gravity down. It just behaves very well in transport. No jumping around, very stabil. The Boss is a full trip design. A design that definately has its limits. If you know whats under that snow, a Boss V will be a terriffic choice. The Fisher/Western design is a tripedge design that will trip over most small obstacles without a problem. You don't want to hit a curb though as only the edge trips, not the whole blade. Aside from the trip design, I would highly recommend the Boss. I haven't had that much exposure to the Fisher/Western V's but everyone here give rave reviews.


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The design of the boss plow is inherinetly bad for tripping on small or large obstacles. For those who have had fisher straight plows, and didnt think they tripped very often, would normally assume the same about the western/ fisher v plow. Yet due to its split moldbaord, you only have to trip 4'3" at a time, and it works great. It trips when it should, and stays upright when it should. I think fisher should go to a split trip edge on everything from 8' and up on their plows.
Next if you are really worried about small obstacles and hitting them, get a urethane edge, it will eliminate all the shock from hitting small things. IE: uneven pavement surfaces, changes in elevation on pavement surfaces, catch basis tops, man hole covers, water main covers and gravel drives plow like butter. Give me a call 860-859-0739 or go to

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