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Bored, you ?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Vaughn Schultz, Dec 8, 2004.

  1. Vaughn Schultz

    Vaughn Schultz PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,565

    I am so bored, I need snow. I am so used to the fast pace of summer, cutting grass, trimming, planting, and so on, this is killing me. It's my first year of commercially plowing snow, i am not used to this. I have cleaned the garage about ten times, painted my plow 3 times, I checked my equipment, checked it again, then did that all over again. Put way to many Christmas lights up, and spent way to much time on this site. I will tell you one thing, when it snows i will be ready! :salute:

    what are you all up to?

    PS. I am predicting a major snowstorm for Chicago on the 15/16 in Chicago. :jester:

    * please do not tell me i need to spend more time checking my spelling/grammar and or get a life(all my friends are away at collage & yes i go visit them). :D

    * I probably should have put this in the "off topic", considering it is "off topic", sorry.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2004
  2. Boast Enterpris

    Boast Enterpris Senior Member
    Messages: 745

    Same thing here. If it wasn't for our Volunteer Fire Department I would go crazy. My dad bought another rent house last week & it has been keeping us busy. I need some snow!! :waving:
  3. The Boss

    The Boss 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,099

    I spend my time watching everybody argue and post stupid threads on here. I also spend alot of time playing with my kids and the girlfriend. ;)
  4. intlco

    intlco Senior Member
    Messages: 183

    This year has by far been the weakest snow season I would assume. I am surprised the weatherman is saying that we will see 50 on Friday.
    But so far, the temps have been staying in the 30's and overcast.
    Sure looks like it want's to snow. But no snow in the forecast.

    Just think, we might get a May early-summer blizzard to make up for all this time off.
  5. Vaughn Schultz

    Vaughn Schultz PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,565

  6. dlcs

    dlcs 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,160

    No, I'm not too bored yet. I'm still winterizing equipment and I got plenty of things to do around the house(just don't want to do them). I got a few projects to do in the shop.

    Do any of you play online games? A couple of years ago I used to be into Quake 3 and Wolfenstein. I might have to start playing again if I do get bored. :redbounce
  7. ybnorml

    ybnorml Member
    Messages: 37

    I too am so bored. Going from hustling +fast pace to nothing. These temperatures are a little depressing. 50's in northern PA on Dec. 7?? :cool: All I see in the forecast is snow showers. It's probably my fault guys. I took the plunge this year and bought new equipment to have some work in the winter. My wife is going to make me eat my hiniker if it doesn't make some money soon......Gulp :help:
  8. finnegan

    finnegan Senior Member
    Messages: 313

    i hear hinikers are really good deep fried with some old bay seasoning,or i bet hickory smoked is good also
    hiniker and eggs
    hiniker gumbo
    hiniker soup
    hiniker quiche
    hiniker Benedict
    chop suey hiniker
    bar b q hiniker
    rotisserie hiniker
    hiniker souffle :drinkup:
  9. psdiesel24

    psdiesel24 Member
    Messages: 95

    board here to needs to snow that first snow just antagonized me
  10. PlowKid150

    PlowKid150 Senior Member
    Messages: 165

    hey if you are real bored come on over here and do my bio chemistry homework.... then what you are done with that, you can help us with a few more paver jobs... We're gonna be layin pavers and walls till the snow falls. People just never stop calling.

  11. cja1987

    cja1987 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,407

    Join the club with the Biology, i take AP (advanced placement) Biology and its a PITA, i like it, but its alot of work. I never do it when i should, i love to procrastinate and do other things then do it all the night before a test. One of these days ill change my habits, maybe.

    As far as being bored, iam not bored yet either. Iam always keeping occupied somehow. When i get sick of something i find something else to do. Rarely do i watch T.V. just the news and some movies. I like to be active. If i get real bored i just get in the truck and drive around town listening to music, then i think of all the things i should be doing and iam not bored anymore. I have actually been real busy lately.
  12. PlowKid150

    PlowKid150 Senior Member
    Messages: 165

    Chris, i hear ya buddy. I took 4 AP classes my senior year of high school. Keep with it cause those credits pay off when u dont need to take the class in college! And yea, i drive around aimlessly in my truck too, don't feel bad haha. Anyways, i wish more people like us were around or lived close by to be able to do stuff with. Half of my friends here at school just go to class and sleep, and of course we party on the weekends, but i like to do stuff besides sit on my ass. Well, Just keep occupied man, at least u've seen some snow already!

  13. btrussell

    btrussell Member
    Messages: 65

    Bio and chemestry are no good. I haven't been bored, just trying to keep up with the remainder of my school work and study for finals. I liked my ap physics class in high school better than any of my college classes. Well procrastination all the way. I would like to see some snow over break but its been in the 50's lately so tough luck i assume.
  14. Vaughn Schultz

    Vaughn Schultz PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,565

    I have come to the realization that i am not bored, I just want to put off anything that dose not have to do with plowing. :D
  15. z_plow_master

    z_plow_master Member
    Messages: 49

    i am on the edge of getting bored

    well, i bougth the flying mower off the internet, i should be getting it soon, that should keep me busy building it until it snows.
  16. ybnorml

    ybnorml Member
    Messages: 37

    That's exactly the way I feel. :nod:

    I wouldn't be interested in the bio-work, but the pavers and wall job is right up my alley. If you have dry enough conditions to lay those things, I'm jealous, and ya might as well do em' :salute:

  17. RidgeCon

    RidgeCon Senior Member
    Messages: 144

    Not bored here, just got in from a snow/ice pellets/freezing rain and back to snow storm that started yesterday morning. What a mess, not a ton of snow but we used 80 tons of straight salt and about 50 tons of salt/sand mix. We only had 2 loaders, 2 tractors and 5 trucks out plowing as we didn't do any residential, just commercial. Nice $$$$ from the salt. We have another freezing rain storm forecast for Saturday and then snow for next Monday. I think winter may have started for us.
  18. martyman

    martyman Senior Member
    Messages: 281

    I'm very bored. Tomorrow I will go and qoute a commercial factory parking lot and I have no idea what to charge him :eek: